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Pff... guns, swords, use EMI on a wooden door...
«Waste of time»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review So what can I say about the Game, except that this game is just fun ^^ It's true that I found the beautiful Game ^^ The first moments in the Game are true, what's going on there or how horny is that there, etc., I could still do me Write a hr If I want xD ^^ For €5.69/50 min Game time, a lot of Bids will be, from the Soundtrack or the fast Gameplay which also has a lot of combo options with many Skills and of course gibs also boss fights ^^ The Game was made by one Person And what he did there, for that I admire Him that he put out such a Game. Honestly have me in love with the Game and hope that this Person will blow out even more. At Any Time I can highly recommend the Speil ^^