Bulzabub's Nightmare

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Can you help Bulzabub escape his nightmare? 


Game Controls:

A + D Keys = Move Left / Right

Space Key = Jump

Right Shift = Invert World(Versions .03v and below are Left Control)

Map Editor Controls:

Mouse Left =  Place block in map editor

Mouse Right = Remove block in map editor

How it works:

When the world is black you can only step on the white outlined blocks. When the world is white you can only step on the black outlined blocks.  Any collision with monsters will restart the level, falling will restart the level.

Map Editor:

THATS RIGHT! We made a map editor for our game in only 5 days for the Weekly 22 Jam. Please make sure to only spawn Bulzabub on top of a white outlined platform otherwise there will be issues. Please note that the Play/Stop button is a little bugged in the map editor so please SAVE your map before you test it and reload it back in. Also note that when you load a map back in monsters will not load so you will need to replace any monsters once the map has loaded back in.  Make sure you enter text before saving a map also if you would like to play your map your map will load depending on the order that your system loads the .map files.


Please note that this game was made in 5 days for the Weekly 22 Jam on itch.io so there may be alot of bugs. Please let us know what you think and if we should continue the game after the jam.

Name was suggested to us by a twitch user called "JCMONKEY"


This game can flash from BLACK, To WHITE if you have any health issues please do not play this game.

#WeeklyGameJam #WGJGame 

Release date
Four Winged Studio
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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