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In this game, giant color is in the middle. You have to click and tap the right color on the screen to bump it. This brain trainer game never ends. You can score as long as the timer does not run out.

This will also test your reflexes and you won't be able to get far if you don't tap quick. You have to tap tap your way to a high score. This tap game will get you tapping very hard and your memory will also be tested. You have to store the colors in your memory, so you don't have to look at them when you are tapping.

The game game will also test your mind, and puzzle your brain. Think of it as a brain puzzle, as you will make mistakes when the timer is close to zero. You will have to switch colors and play with the pixel art colors that are on the screen at all times. Draw colors by tapping them and change the color drawing that is in the middle of the screen.

Color drawing has never been more fun and brain testing as this game. You will have to pass so many brain tests to get a good score. Not many people can even score more than 100 in this game!

Ideal for learning children. It is a good children learning app. Children learn about colors and your child learns how to click the correct colors and improve his/her reflexes. It is designed for children, and children will love to play it. It is designed for kids and is family friendly.

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Last Modified: Jul 22, 2019

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