Bumper Bombs (WIP title)

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Defend your base by launching projectiles at bombs falling from the sky. If a bomb touches your base, it explodes and you lose a life (3 total)

Click/touch and drag  to charge and aim your shot. Release to fire. The green bar at the bottom is your energy meter. It gets used up with each shot and recharges over time.

Bombs take damage in 2 ways

  • Collision: Damage is dealt based on multiple factors
    • Mass - Heavier objects deal more damage to lighter objects, lighter objects deal less damage to heavier objects
    • Velocity - The faster the object, the more damaging the collision
    • Direction - A head-on collision is more damaging than a glancing blow
  • Energy/Explosion: Damage is unaffected by mass. Most energy damage is dealt in a radius and decreases with distance.


  • 2-Type
    • 0% - 90% charge: A 4 shot spread of light projectiles
    • Spread is tighter and projectiles are faster with higher charge
    • 90% to 100% charge: A single, faster, heavier projectile that bounces
    • Purely collision damage
    • Speed for both projectiles is constant, and unaffected by gravity
  • Flare
    • Deals 0 to 40 DPS based on proximity to the surface of bombs in its radius
    • Contact applies burn, dealing 15 DPS for 3.5 seconds, stacking with the above radius
    • Charging increases launch speed
    • Affected by gravity and drag
    • Low mass, therefore low collision damage
      • If caught in an explosion, it can reach high speeds and deal significant collision damage though


  • The purple button on the right activates the only ability currently in the game
  • Touch the screen after pressing to apply an anti-gravity status effect to bombs in a large radius for 6 seconds

Things that will be added soon-ish:

  • Increasing difficulty
  • More projectiles
  • A unique guide (aiming arrow thingy) for all projectiles
  • Improvements to the chain/combo system
  • A pause menu
  • Settings

Things that I plan to add later:

  • More projectiles/bombs
  • A proper, non-ugly menu
  • Juice
    • Particle effects
    • Trails
    • Screen shake
  • Upgrades/Skill trees
  • Sound effects
  • Individual levels/waves
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Last Modified: Apr 5, 2019

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