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Capital Command is a space-sim that puts you in charge of a state-of-the-art capital ship in the far reaches of space, pitting you against a mysterious threat. Your crew follows your every command as you give orders to navigators, gunners, repair teams, and engineers, helming a large, cumbersome ship equipped with an expansive arsenal, and your tactical prowess. The AI in charge of local defense platforms has gone rogue, and at this distant frontier outpost, you're the only chance of restoring order, and eliminating the threat.

Face the unique challenge of conflict in space - where threats can come from all sides, where there is no cover to hide behind, and where a momentary lapse in judgement can be the difference between victory and death.

  • Ships move realistically, and whether you automate navigation or adjust your thrust vectors manually, you'll fight against and embrace inertia in the vacuum of space
  • Six Degrees of Freedom means you can move in all directions at any time, adjusting pitch, roll, and yaw as you try to find your targets while dodging their attacks
  • Spot your targets from over hundreds of kilometers away and plan your movements and attacks to isolate and outmaneuver them
  • Adjust your angles to make sure the right weapons can hit the right targets - PDTs need to be able to intercept incoming missiles, while your own missile and solid projectile salvos respond, firing around your hull

A Capital ship like yours is kitted out with cutting-edge technology to spot, destroy, and defend against the enemy.

  • From solid projectile artillery to missile pods and point-defence turrets, your choice of weapons are varied - each with their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Use movement as a defensive tool, adjusting your facing to point PDTs at incoming missiles, or altering your course to dodge incoming barrages instead
  • Damage Control Parties work to repair damage to the ship, but your orders can prioritize specific equipment to match your current needs
  • Use limited resources and scrap from engagements to repair and upgrade your equipment, or commandeer an enemy capital ship instead, adapting to its loadout and capabilities

You arrive at an outpost station in a remote corner of space - shortly after, disaster strikes. The AI fleet has gone rogue, and it's up to you to assess and neutralize the threat.

  • Put in a corner, surrounded by enemy ships, the procedurally generated campaign maps will constantly challenge you with an ever-present and imminent threat. Make strategic decisions on which targets to engage, and how best to use resources acquired from said engagements.
  • Acquire and use intel to overcome the enemy, tracking hyperspace jumps and performing your own to chase or evade as necessary, all while keeping an eye on fuel reserves to ensure you're not caught out of position in the dark void of space.
  • With a massive arsenal and a plethora of tools at your disposal, your command of the ship will need to adapt across multiple playthroughs and the options and challenges they present - no single playthrough will show you everything the universe has to offer.
  • Test your skills and train against the 13 ship types of the rogue AI in custom battles - prepare for the the challenge of the campaign, where a miscalculation or a misstep could result in the loss of the sector.

Capital Command will challenge you to think two steps ahead of your enemy - you're constantly outnumbered, ships are fragile, and weapons take time to track, lock on to, and fire upon your targets. The use of clever battle tactics is essential to your survival, and knowing how best to use the tools available to you is paramount to your success. As captain of a capital ship - you are in charge of a powerful weapon, and the countless lives aboard.

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Last Modified: Jun 20, 2022

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