Captain Rainbow reviews

First off let me say, this game is WEIRD. And if you are English-speaking, you will have to go through some effort to get it to where you can understand it. But stick with it, this game is not all it seems. This game is similar to Majora's Mask in that underneath all the lighthearted humor and gameplay, is something more sinister. Now granted, it's not near as dark, but it's still there. There are definitely a few tedious parts, like trying to gather Star Fragments, but a lot of that could probably be remedied by taking a slightly different course through the game. Some of the motion controls are frustrating, but then again, it's a Wii game, that comes with the territory. Overall, really an exceptional game, and I am sad it never got a Western release. Definitely would recommend.
«Blew my mind»
«Sit back and relax»