CarX Drift Racing Online reviews

Pretty boring to be honest, as a person who loves drifting (coming from Assetto Corsa) this game is really boring, there's no goals to work towards and no grind, it's just freeroam, in a proper simulator like Assetto Corsa obviously your goals are to drift better, but obviously this game isn't a simulator so without any grind it's pretty boring
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Early Access Review Theoretically a good Game. The Multiplayer is a lot of Fun, but there are few Servers due to Time. It would be Nice if there were more Tuning options, which should include a car design Tuning in which you could make your Car more individual (Slides such as Stripes, Patterns, Net.are still missing). Handling is also Ok, only the Controller settings sometimes bite each other and if you are not careful, for example, brakes the Car all The time while driving, although it should not. So overall you can say:-Funny Game, perfect for in-between multiplayer is a lot of Fun-the Game doesn't seem finished Though (Well, is also Early Access) and there's still a lot of being made of it/honed tuning possibilities there's not very much, should So to be added up, Have the Potential to be a good Game, although it's still a slightly longer Road to go.
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CarX drift racing was already released in mobile version a few years ago and this was the best in terms of drift game. Well, on PC, it's kind of the same thing... This is my only game of this discipline and I find it to be the best. Seeing videos on YouTube from other games, they may be more beautiful, but the gameplay is to be revisited or there are not many players online. Certainly it is not phew graphically, but the gameplay is so playable that one does not even precoccupe this aspect. At first glance you might think it's easy to Drifter, which is the case, the gameplay is not difficult. It is an arcade type game and takes very well in hand whether it is on the joystick, but also at the wheel or even keyboard according to some feedback from the community. Content level is really a good point too. Lots of circuits and cars for all tastes. In terms of customization, kits are available on a lot of cars or you have the choice to change parts by parts. In addition to aesthetics, and this is where the game takes on its meaning, set up are put at our disposal that we can then adjust among the ten different settings of the engine, tires, brakes, suspensions etc. Knowledge is required to make good settings, but the community will help you willingly. Speaking of which, the biggest highlight of the game is the simply awesome community. Players are ready to help and play with you to make the tandem for example. I have met people from different countries and it is a pleasure to play with them in good humor and respect. And if there are some ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ that you deliberately go in with their big trucks, a small voteban and the tour is played. When I bought the game, I thought I would play solo, but the real interest of the game is the multiplayer. There are a lot of servers available to join, or even create a private or public. Honestly, I don't see any big negative points to ennoncer except some minor bugs that don't interfere with the gaming experience. Even if it is out of early access, the game spins on one hand very well, but the devs continue to add new personalisation elements or free cars (bought with the money gained in the game) or to improve the game generally. If they keep going like this, with more detailed graphics, it could be the best game of drift, even if it is already, for me. [Config: GTX 1060 6Gb, i5 7600 @ 3.50 GHz, 16 GB RAM. Ultra game @ 60FPS]