CASE: Animatronics reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
This Game has nothing to do with Skill/Skill, it's a pure Gamble. I didn't get much far as it wasn't possible for me to get into a particular Office that I had to come to for the Game's Progress. I died about 30x trying to reach the Said office. Always, really always, the Animatronics stood in My way. They even waited for me. That's Why, for my part, wait for nothing. Then I thought, let the Animatronics just haunt you that sometimes clear the Way ... But then I didn't get rid of them. They always caught me then, of course. You can't see anything in the Dark itself, but the Animatronics see you immediately and still in the darkest Corner. I don't Enjoy that kind of Thing and I don't understand how you can play through the Game at all when the Opponents are NOT blocking the Space where you have to get in to get on. Therefore, no Recommendation from me. Achja, don't know if that's the case with others, with me the Game has always loaded 2:30 min, both to get into the Game and from the Game to get into the Main Menu. 2:30 min I find extremely long and still without any real Access to the Hard Drive. I have quite a fast PC, SSD, GTX 1080 Ti, Intel i7 4790K, 32 GB RAM-and the Game loads up to Wolf ...
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Microsoft from French
Here is an innovative evaluation! : ' (Very good game! Being a big fan of FNAF, I could not help but buy this game. In CASE: animatronics, you play as a detective trapped in a police station. The game will actually start when you receive a call, then be attacked by the first animatronic, the number of animatronics increasing as the game progresses. The game will then consist of exploration and survival, a bit in the way of outlast. You will have to collect notes, find items, go to specific rooms, while hiding from animatronic farting the police station room by room. You will also often have to hide in lockers, under offices when the animatronic are near you. If you are a fan of FNAF, surely you have already dreamed of being able to move at your leisure in the pizzeria? This is what CASE: animatronics does. You will surely know "the joy of creation", which is a fan-game of FNAF very well known as it has introduced the gameplay where players can move, CASE: animatronics has improved it. In addition, this game has kept the concept of camera and battery. In order to be able to reach a particular room, you must make sure you do not encounter animatronics. So you'll have to use the camera to monitor their travels, energy-consuming camera. You will also be equipped with a flashlight that you will often have to turn off to avoid noticing enemies. The game also makes many allusions to FNAF, especially with its secondary quest, find notes without getting caught, much like a slender. The game is also oppressive, although less than FNAF, but the fact that we hear the animatronic and the coup that we know that they come makes the jumpscares less surprising. The story is well built. I really liked the concept. We monitor the animatronic with the camera, and we explore, while being frightened by the lack of Visual scope and the general ambience. So I highly recommend this game.