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Game Synopsis: "Changed" is a difficult, action puzzle game with a lot of chase.

The protagonist of the game awakened in a strange room and came to an unfamiliar laboratory building.
In the adventure, he will encounter all kinds of unknown creatures, each of which can easily “plunder” his body. He can only make constant explorations and try to walk out of this dangerous building.
In this deserted world, who is secretly guiding him to go out? Why is he trapped here? What happened to the outside world?
All kinds of mysteries are intricate and the truth will slowly emerge from the interaction and exploration.
Of course, be careful not to get lost in this building...Features IntroductionThe protagonist can only use simple movements and sprints because he is the prey of all creatures.

· No props, even tools, all problems must be solved with wisdom and action.
High game difficulty, Japanese fusion RPG and I WANNA games.
· 8-bit style music evokes childhood memories in a retro style.
· Difficult, suitable for players who are good at watching and daring to try.
• Understand the characteristics of creatures in one failure to escape them.
· Interactive traps, text eggs, CG plots, many investigable items for exploration.
Multi-line outcomes, triggering different outcome lines based on interactions and investigations.
• Approximately six hours of playable length (if possible).
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Changed reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This Game is hard, but it's a "must have" for certain People, a certain Group (Furries) That I count on it is logical;). The Story is Awesome and there are Moments in the Game where you sit in front of the PC and smile as they are just Sweet or Heartwarming. If you get stuck, the Solution is actually quite simple: Don't stop and try again and again. It's cool that you have to play through the whole Game without any Tools, so it's advisable to look at everything you think you need to look at. You have to like a Kind of Game, because otherwise you will be at your edge depending on how well you are Iist. It is best that the Game has several Endings. The Idea of Living Latex ... Uff... A Strange Idea, but after a Time you get used to it. I can only recommend it. Well some may find it strange, but I have to say that this Game Has a "Spear goals" Target Group. Still, I can only Recommend it.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I can only continue Recommending Changed. The Game principle may not be for everyone, the Game has an Interesting Story that you will learn gradually in the Game. The Game is short in itself, BUT through the Difficult Puzzles the game comes at a good Time, You get frustrated though fast, but I advise everyone to keep playing. Where the Game has become famous is the Character Puro, which is different from all the other Beings in this Game. Changed has several Ends, which are sometimes more beautiful times less beautiful. In the Game there are allalei transformations into a wide variety of Animals or other Beings. Most of which can still be displayed in more detail with an Image. The Design is simple, but looks very beautiful, in addition to the corresponding Music, which changes in each Area. In the big and all, Changed is a great and beautiful Game, The 5 Euro (with Soundtracks from the Game) it is Worth it in my Eyes!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Even after playing through several times, I still find the Game interesting. Just like Undertale, the Focus was not placed on the Graphic but on the Story and I think the Developer as well as all those who support it or have contributed to the Game have made a lot Of effort. You can also determine the Popularity of this Game on your own By how much Artwork there is already. It has left a Mark, though perhaps a few latex-like ones. EVERY as an important Feature: This Game is VERY special. It's not made for every Man and targets specific Audiences more, so I can also understand that People who don't have anything at all with Latex or furry stuff can't get apart at all along the Game. Conclusion:-Graphics and Music fitting (albeit abstract)-Story Very special (like the Game concept itself), however, well implemented and captivating. -Difficulty is very high (have taken several Attempts to create certain Passages) on a Scale of CI of CI) on a Scale of CI) (10 = best Game all all-time = worst Game ever) it would get a 7 from me.
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