Chronicles of the Witches and Warlocks reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Very mediocre bad game. The Rollers are drawn squalid, the characters constantly have the same emotion (stone face). There are no any voice-overs in the characters, only subtitles on the Russian. But The stupid sound is added, when in a diary there is a new information, at all not to a place is picked up. The Gameplay also hangs boredom and undercuts. Well, plus to everything, sometimes the game is stupid not translated and there are bugs in the puzzles. On One of these I caught, in the last winter chapter had to have a battery with tweezers to get a piece of paper that I did not do, unfreezer the figurine of the dog to open the store and then to the battery did not come back. In the end, we must start the game anew. Tip for those who bought the game on sale-read the manual and see the passage to know where you will be waiting for a similar setup and Kryvorost from the developers.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A Hidden Object Adventure. Frankly, the Game is not bad but also not exceedingly good, it is "Standard." The Story is, as often in this Genre, rather confused but fine as a Basis for a "Mini-game puzzle" adventure, even if I really wonder where the "Witches and Warlocks" should be hidden in the Game. The Mini-games that shape this Genre are plentiful here, the Graphics and the Cutscenes completely okay and it ran stable. So Much for everything nice, then why "Standard"? Because time has not stopped and the Genre Has now produced representatives breaking new Ground: Open world Hidden Object, Strengthening on Adventure and Story Laying the Weight of replacing the classic Hidden Object Mini-game with alternative "Search" features Etc. So as I said, the Game is completely okay in its Genre, but just "Old School," I wanted to point out.
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Chronicles of the Witches and Warlocks is a hidden object game in which you play the role of a lawyer: Kathleen, who will have to investigate a murder for which her client has been unjustly arrested. The Basic story could also go well and kick off a cute detective thriller. But going forward with the story, will be put within so many topics that have little to do with the plot that this game should have undertaken; In fact, we will go to strange disappearances, ghosts, investigate the alignment of planets, aliens, black holes and what is the purpose of life by creating a minestrone of meaningless stuff. In Addition, the various puzzles turn out to be lousy easy, boring the player after a short time. The interface is OK, simple for the player, but sometimes I was annoyed by the fact of not being able to skip certain animations. There is No voice dubbing in this title and there is ONLY the presence of subtitles (not even in Italian). Long story short, game not recommended. Final Vote: 5/10