Churbles reviews

This game never came out. It was a scam run by "CrashGem" They made a kickstarter which gained 190 percent of their goal and then ran with the money.
Michael Corinella (Their technical director. He now mentors people in their art degree at Full Sail university. God help us all), Jeremy Ocampo an animator (Also once worked at Full Sail University and now supposedly works at Roy E. Disney Productions), Ben Diefenbach an artist(Currently working at Tech support for Gaumard Scientific) , Jessica Dunbar (Again... works at Full Sail University. Associate Course Director for Fundamentals of Art 1 & 2. Thank god not Director of morals.) Marissa Kraatz, a 3D Animator (a Lab Specialist for Motion Capture for.... You guessed it, Full Sail University.) I could keep going but you get it. They were basically all people at Full Sail University that ran a scam and then bailed on everyone. They all even have a nerve to put this game in their profiles as things they accomplished. Because scams are something you should advertise. 
I mark this as exceptional because it was an exceptional scam.