Citadel: Forged with Fire reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Servus all on the Screen now I, too, have once let myself get carried away to a REÊ. When I joined Citadel at The Beginning I was looking for a new Game which tells me The Time, where I can build and craft and not exactly Wür ♥ ♥ ♥ In Short, there is fun in Both PvP and PvE. NATURLICH and I would like to emphasise this again clearly, I know what EA means. But I do NOT know what it means. Now to the Beginnings back to the Beginning ... I gloomy at the Beginning, finally on lev 10, through the Area, have played in front of me, tried myself in Construction etc. Was a lot of Fun and when I compare it with other Games, I found building different but not unpleasant uund positive GUT. Now with Screens and Stories I have told my Friends, who also like to forget the Time in the evening, reported about it and knew, just RUMBUNTING with the Broom times, taming an animal WITHOUT only plan for a lot for hours, cook, prepare, is all refreshingly Fun. And Zack has it, too. They bought it-----> Yes clear, couple macken, lags and hickls were there, BUT we got over it. Even that at some point our Server was simply not accessible for days and our Fortress fell into disrepair. Then began the first big Nerf s. JAYYYYYYY ... Basically, it is good when Manufacturers put their Products to the Test, Nice find that Goes, Bathroom is not possible. Even that they thought of it at The Anfag, the PvE and PvP could have different Requirements. Top. Aaaaaber then ... The first Nerf who, in my Opinion, went fully down his pants, just for PvE, was ... The Broom. DER BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN ... The Unique Selling Point for ME WHY I found this Game so cool ... THAT Feature why various Ladies in my Round so bock had to jet with the Broom through the Area YES FRAUEN, I'm talking about FRAUUUEEEEENNN DEAR Gentlemen of the dark Basement Vault ... Tja the said BEST was so downgenerated because of a few wailing PvPler ... That it was pointless to use it. Running was faster ... Since then, only wildly something is generfed, renerfed again, newly re-generated,,,, generfed back and forth and at the end ... Broken general-fed. Justification.... The players would be too quick across the Map and should rather use the designated Towers ... They would be underutilized ... ARE WE HERE IN ÖNV??? Do I have to subsidise the poor, single Towers because they are so lonely? SO ALLEINE?? Sorry, just Nonsense. Especially since the TÜRME constantly crashed at that Time, which mostly caused the Loss of Equipment AND the contents of the Inventory ^ ^. COOL gelle ^ ^ in Short, since that ... As it says so beautifully ... Balanced.... Rebalanced ... Cross-qurouched, hobbled and knitted balanced ... Unfortunately... Well with moderate success. Launage disconnections, slow Servers despite only fewer Players, updates are moved, Then dropped out altogether instead comes a Fix ... The important one, usually something like ... "Color of the Tree on the left in the dark Forest at the right back center ... Brighter made "or something in style. The fact Is ... Despite initially good Approaches and really fast Servers, it has now become a non-content snoring of the few Creatures that are still there. Building is still Fun if you don't want to build nice because THAT have been costing Masses of resources extra and Eternally a lot of Time to produce them for some time. In the past, the Developers still accepted Criticism via E-mail, now one is rather locked in Steam and From the formerly friendly Mail colleagues now comes out nix more. Unfortunately, there is also a wasted opportunity with Multiplayers and Long-term Testers, because this is WHAT we are, even if we pay for it DURFTEN, to stay in touch in order to tackle the Problems constructively as in the Beginning and to get important Information sent quickly. In the End, I can say ... From The Beginning ... JAAA KAUF ES, Hau pure ... LOS NIMM ES DIR ... Am I now too ... Leave it lying down. Vllt is still maturing it. Like good Cheese ... So 12 Months ... But I suspect it's like Wine ... Unfortunately bad Vintage and Cork ... No one wants it true ... What change and redesign the Bottles drumrum ... Therefore ... No.. Let it ... Unfortunately they have it .. Even with the upcoming Update ... No longer necessary and I think they take care of other Games from the House ... Greetings to all who have Desired and are Deceived ... There's something else to come for sure ... Greets Centy