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Clickteam Fusion 2.5

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Game and software creation has never been easier or quicker than with Clickteam Fusion 2.5! Discover the tool used by so many multimedia professionals, game creators, and creative people from all walks of life.

With CF2.5’s amazing event editor system you are able to quickly generate games or apps without mastering a traditional programming language.

Within your first hour you will have learned the basics of the tool. Compile a windows app with a mouse click, Or target additional platforms like iOS, Android, Flash and XNA (Windows Mobile phone and Xbox) with the purchase of our optional exporters.

Harness the power of Clickteam Fusion 2.5 today.Steam Games #MadeWithFusion

Amazing Features from the Original Drag and Drop Programming Tool-Make your first game in under an hour!
-No need for previous programming knowledge
-Easy to use and intuitive physics engine
-The original and world famous Event Editor makes programming a breeze
-Used by professionals and students alike
-Shader effects available
-Inserting assets is as easy as drag and drop
-Publish games and apps for multiple platforms
-Complete creative flexibility
-Hardware accelerated games and apps
-Outstanding, friendly community supportBuild for many platforms with optional exporters
Generates HTML5 on the fly and runs automatically in your browser
Open extension SDK for endless functionality Use hardware acceleration & shaders on powerful Windows machines
100's of additional objects provide additional functionality to the tool Build directly from CF2.5 to any of your Android devices and build APKs
Access the Android OS with our simple permissions management system Build games for all iOS touch devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod
Maximize control options with the Accelerometer and Multitouch interface objects Build Games for Xbox and Windows 8 Mobile
Multiple Control options for Multiple Platforms Produce quality Flash content in record time
Fully Customizable SWF Generated Easily
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Minimum Windows XP SP3 Operating System. Supports Vista, 7 and 8
  • Processor: 200 Mhz Pentium processor or higher
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Must support minimum of Direct3D 9
  • Sound Card:
  • Additional Notes: Broadband Internet connection
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Clickteam Fusion 2.5 reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
This program is for software but it is in English. But for the rest if you take an afternoon learn to use it. It Is very useful to make an educational program, a game, etc. This program works in 2D, but if you use it on a small computer does not happen absolutely nothing can with the program. I from my personal point recommend this program.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Once we got to the interface a little ugly, we have a good software, full of potential, with developers listening and easy to contact (they are literally on a Chan discord) and a friendly and responsive community. A very powerful and easy to use software thanks to its event editor and the ease of use of the SDK to add plugins.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Easy & awesome!, I had always wanted to make video games, but did not know or I was interested in programming. But This program is very easy to learn!, you can make many games the limit is your imagination! :D. You can make a game type: Pong, Super Mario, pokemon, etc. I love it and would not stop using this program (at least leave the Clickteam 3). Literal I have made games like Pong in 5 minutes!. My Rating: 9/10-almost perfect, needs more options but it works very well lacks things like animated screens, but even I prefer this program more than others:)
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
To Get started the Tutorial made with the Breakout Game. I'm thrilled how quickly you can implement something like that. But also of the Possibilities the Merger offers. The Instructions quickly flew over. All made quite intuitive. The Challenge is more there, as I can implement one or the Other Game idea, because you are a bit free when programming. For example, I would like Man Trouble not to make you, since I would have a Board in front of my Head. So the Beginning is harder than you think. Simple Things I don't get the way I need them. What you can click together is unexpected and then has some Reason. Had To ask in the Forum first ... In the Long run, one is more looking for why something doesn't go as expected as one comes forward. For example, Menus and Properties are switched on that are not supported on every Platform. There you use quasi Dummy Functions ^ ^ So many a Warning Message is missing. Some Object Characteristics that you see in the Design cannot be used for Running time. Painting Commands are missing at Runtime. The Text input Object Must be made oversized in Design to make it appear right in Android. Properties for Valuetes-/D texts cannot be resorted, which brings Annoyance in the Expressive Seditor if you want to address other similar Objects via a Qualifier. 2019, the DLC 2.5 + bought and stumbled across a few Special Features ...
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