Close To The Sun reviews

Recomendado (corto)
3/10 - I am ready to 1vs1 fight anyone who says it was a good game just because of its atmosphere. So much potential...
«Disappointment of the year»
Picked it up for free on the epic games store and was pleasantly surprised. First the good. The look is gorgeous, a mixture of steam punk and art deco/Jugendstil, the sets are great to look at and theres a surprisingly high level of detail - the lighting works well to build the atmosphere. The storyline is also good, I enjoyed the characters, thought the voice acting was decent. I found the mixture of mystery and horror to work quite well. Now the bad- it is essentially just a walking simulator - theres very few threats in the game bar a few set chase sequences and they don't last all too long, for the most part though you can look around the world unhindered. I'd had higher hopes for the puzzles as well, theres not all that many and of the few there are, they don't exactly present much of a challenge. 

All in all I enjoyed it, I wouldn't pay all that much for it though as I cannot see myself coming back to it.