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☆ remember your first solo shopping trip?

co-open is a game about a kid's first time buying groceries on their own. Looks like it's time to explore and have some fun!

♲ a classic loaf of rye bread, some birthday cards, and kompot

The products available in the local cooperatively run store are community-selected, trying to suit everybody's needs. You might not find everything you're expecting, but maybe there will be something that surprises you! Check the information on product price tags to make sure you only pick fresh local produce, call your grandmother for a suggestion, or just go with whatever catches your eye! Just try not to feed the store cats off the shelves. Please. They are fed regularly.

☃ anything else?

You can get your ice cream and veggies in a few minutes to rush back home sooner — or stray away from the shelves and find yourself a part of a drawing class in the rooftop park, or an underground snowskating hangout! Don't be scared to check things out.

❀ making memories

Looks like your neighbor friend is also shopping today! But could you meet anybody else? What if it's a very (very) big crow, or a mysterious vent dweller? Maybe you will even get to keep some meaningful mementos from your adventures!

☏ so, how was your day?

In the end, grandma will always come to pick you up. What will she say about your shopping trip — or, more importantly, about your product picks?

⚑ features
  • First-person immersive simulator gameplay
  • Memorable treasures to collect
  • Phonebook to fill with hidden phone numbers
  • Cats you shouldn't feed, but can
  • A secret ending
  • Casual internal speedrun timer
☛ controls
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers support
  • Configurable controls
♫ soundtrack ♡ special thanks

All our friends who wrote in-game phone conversations, helped us test the game and make game trailers <3
A MAZE. / Berlin Festival
Humble Bundle
Wholesome Games

⚒ installation instructions

macOS: The game is not signed/notarized by Apple, so it will have security issues with macOS 10.15+ (Catalina and newer versions). To avoid these issues please do one of the following things:

  • [Preferable] Install the game through the official itch app:
  • Manually approve the game's .app file in "Security & Privacy" settings in System Preferences
⚠ safety caution

The game depicts various queer identities and queer relationships. Please check the current laws of your country – you may have to be 18 or older (18+) to play this game. Be safe. <3

Release date
Age rating
Not rated

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Last Modified: Aug 30, 2022

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