Combat Air Patrol 2: Military Flight Simulator reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free Early Access Review Forward I would like To say a thank you to the developers for providing and providing the Product to me throughout the Development Period! Now to the Review: It's not an Arcade game! You have to do some Things before the start that I won't spoil now. ^^ Once in the Air it's just a Treat, occasionally I find myself outside of the Fight in my Jet and just enjoy the View and play a little bit. A few then roll a Looping ^ ^ A small Minus point I already have, I don't have a Joystick, just an x360 Gamepad, this is a bit difficult. But otherwise clear Buy recommendation!!! If the Developers read this Review, an online Co-op mode would really be the fine-tuned;)
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Early access review I wil Discribe my first impression in English then in English also this SIM is definitely between DCs world and some far so good simulation during the 90 's where you had to watch the screens inside your cockpit (MFD) to catch information you Nee d to, and something gorgeous those MFD are working as the real MFD inside modern combat's aircraft... that means you can change information on the MFD (ground radar, air radar, FLIR, navigation, E.O. S: ELECTRONICS optics SYSTEM S.M. S: STORE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for weapons system.... by pressing button inside cockpit and not on your keyboard... I really love it, it's just making something more immersive the second thing, it's working also with my TrackIR, my HOTAS joystick and my rudder pedals... that's means you feel like in immersion, speaking for my self I would appreciate to have a bit more realism by pressing a clicable cocpble to retract gears and flaps and some few keys to start up or switch the engines off at least if you need more feed back just send me a message because I really love it and I will be so happy to discover the multi MOD's player ' with a enemy's aircraft flyable too and why not 2 aircrafst flyable in both camps this simulation is located resolutely between DCS WORLD and the SIM DES ANN2ES 90 or there was p as those of today all these displays at the top left or right of your screen for what I will call the cheat..; in this simulation you have to lower your head to read the desired info on your screens (MFD) and what you need to know above all is that these (MFD) are clickable to pass by ex radar to FLIR or Doppler or even to the display of navigation , the display of the armament or that of the target detection and locking optics on the ground is also present, it is simply wonderful, no need to change the display of MFD by pressing a key on the keyboard, you do it directly in clicking on the MFD as in real. 2nd things this Simu walk with the TrackIR, the joystic AVC throttle levers, the pedals for the derivative, this adds a notch more to feel immersed. as far as I'm concerned I will have enjoyed a whole can more realism with a start-up of the engines by clicking direct to the interiieur of the cockpit... Ditto for the landing gear and flap steering..., I'm really looking forward to discovering the multi mod when it comes out with so 2 pilotable planes or at least one for each faction, do not hesitate to send me messages if you want to know more