Computer Space reviews

Very bad.
As far as I understand, the story is as following: You're piloting a ship, and there are aliens attacking you. That's it. Didn't expect anything complex and that's fine.

The gameplay consists of you piloting the ship and shooting at UFOs, but the controls are terribly counter-intuitive, slow, and it feels like the ship is skating on ice instead of, you know, flying.
However, it's relatively impressive for a game from 1971.

So overall, rating out of 100:
Story: 0
Not much to say here.

Gameplay: 1
Pew pew pew, if it wasn't for the ship being so sloppy it'd be okay. Also the UFOs are trained sharpshooters it seems.

Graphics: 5
They're pretty good for a game as old as my great-great-great-grandfather, but it's not worth playing it for that.

Sound/Music: 0
If you do play it, do it muted.

This leaves the game with an incredible 6 points out of 400 total. Pew pew.
«Waste of time»