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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Interesting, but not the real one ... tl; dr below I don't recommend the Game "yet," hoping that something changes. But first of all, to the good Aspects: I think the Idea of the Game is good and the Pixel Graphics Exudes a certain Charm. You also have the Opportunity to improve the Equipment as well as the Outward of the Character, which you can buy from the Money earned in Missions. Unfortunately, the Good ends now and I would have liked to have written more about it ... All right. What about the Negative?: The Game played through quickly. With 83 Minutes I played through the Game anyway. You could have played a few Minutes longer or even less. But I think my Playing Time is about average. In itself, for a cheap Game, it may not be bad with Replay value, but it doesn't have that with me. So The Game should bring at least an Hour more game for 5 Euros. What also bothered me a lot was that the Game became monotonous in the Long run. The Levels are not very different from each other (by which I do not mean the black and white style) and one runs from time to time at the ever-increasing maps, since as already written you can not find any Optical Dots at which the "AHA" Effect occurs and you know where to look Just located. With 4 Opponent classes standing in your Way, it's also quick soup. The typical System works as always: Until it falls over. Me a bit of a little BIT of a blunt. What bothers me Totally are the non-existent Hitpoints/hitboxes. No matter what Limb is shot, the damage is always the same ... In some cases it even seems to me that the Opponents do not even have a Head, because in the case of head Shots, no Hits are usually registered at All. And worst of all, the Game is still quite busty. From Enemies that fall through the Ground and disappear, to Enemies who slip through the entire Aisle as they fall, opening all The doors that lie on their Way to the next Wall through which the Corpse then of course simply disappears up to Enemies Who have "downed" themselves after "getting emptled" to move to get you done in The Melee and in the State of "moving on to you" are either Immortal or simply not to hit (since you have no Signs whether you have hit or not it is hard to do this To assess). But this has not Happened Rare ... With about every 4th Opponent, at least one of the above things happened ... And the latter doesn't exactly make it easy to finish the Game successfully. If the Game in the early access I could cope with the above and I would have greater Hope for Change. However, Since this is not the Case, I hope that something will change, but I do not expect it. I hope I could ascertain a Feeling for the Game (from my Point of view). MfG tl; dr Game is still immature, and its current Price is not worth it. One hopes for Improvement.