Cooking Dash reviews

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Microsoft from Danish
You will get hooked very fast, ‘cause it’s a lot of fun in the beginning. But then you realize that it takes a steady gold influx to proceed and that COSTS A LOT OF REAL MONEY!! You can earn some gold by doing different things for a company named Fyber, but sometimes they cheat you out of your reward and you have to fight with them for a long time to get your gold and it is just not worth the hazzle. Worst of all is the socalled customer service. That it also so not worth the hazzle: They will give you a polite yet prefabricated answer to any question/problem you might have and nothing will happen. They might send a little gold your way, depending on the size of your problem, but nothing, as in nothing, will happen. And in time the game will get tedious, but by then you will be hooked! An example is the daily goals, where you can earn up to three pieces of gold, if you complete them. It is tasks in different venues, but although I have around 40 venues opened, my daily goals keep cirkling for weeks and weeks around the same tasks in the same few venues - that is extremely MINDNUMBING! So do yourself a huge favour and don’t even start playing!
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Microsoft from Italian
Nice game, to go ahead and get stars to pass the levels of the seasons you have to improve cooking and food quality. It improves in 90% of the time using Dell Gold, which clearly accumulates very slowly. Sometimes they make offers, like open accounts on other sites or apps and follow steps, after which once completed the whole, you should receive many gold free, I tried twice, I had to give 720 gold for a recording (period of double or RO) and 344 for another. I have Not seen one, they asked me the data of the new account, mandates, then they asked me evidence of the payments I made in connection with the opening of accounts on the sites proposed. (They were two online sports betting sites) However you also send the evidence that asked but nothing, now are more than two weeks that I fight but do not credit anything. I'il improve the evaluation if they give me what they promised. Update: After almost a month they gave me what I was owed, improved evaluation. I put 4 stars because the game is really nice, there are several restaurants (which open with gold and coins), daily and weekly challenges. I do not put 5 of stars because they could give more chances to win gold, because for any improvement in the restaurants they ask.