Copy Kitty reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Product received for free Early Access Review The title is nice, maybe a little too "colorful", but someone really could appreciate just this characteristic! First of all we are faced with a strange shooter-platform, very colorful and psychedelic, but quite cute and sympathetic. Copy Kitty offers two game modes, Story Mod and Endless Mod. Story Mod: In The story mode you will play through predefined stages, essentially you will face levels where the environment will be the same for the duration of the individual level, and where the purpose will destroy all the enemies that you Will materialise in front. The enemies are very numerous and are quite different from each other, so much so that for each level you will always have different powers to strike individually or to combine, which makes each stage even more varied and enjoyable. At first the game seems not to be very difficult, but often the difficulty given by the controls, can make things slightly more tricky, but once you get used to the controls, which are still settable before the start, the game seems less Complicated. Moreover, very interesting is the possibility to choose the level with which to complete the various phases, then, once finished in "normal", you can set the difficulty to a higher level. Endless Mod: In This mode the ground changes instead; Every ten hordes it changes and changes appearance. Here Too obviously the enemies will be different and different will be the "weapons" with which you can afronarmi; From simple enemies to mini-bosses to bosses generated in a fairly random manner. A fun enough mode that will give you the opportunity to play until you are tired, giving you the opportunity to increase your skills. The choice of character The choice of characters to use is not very large, but despite this, at the moment you can choose between two characters. Boki, our main hero, can fling and combine three basic attacks into very powerful combinations, she is definitely the simplest of the two characters, the most "ignorant". Savant, Bokio's adoptive uncle and creator of the universe in which we play, is the second selectable character in application possibilities in game. He Also has different abilities, but he can only combine two at a time; So you need to carefully choose the one that best suits that situation. In Addition, the character of Savant can fly, teleport and create barriers for a short period of time, while Boki gets a double jump, a slip and kicking. The game is quite simple to manage on the whole, but often are the commands to be complicated and to make not very easy movements and attacks. Technical Compartment With regard To the sound compartment, the music is not evil, even if the themes are not of the most variegated, but nevertheless they are quite different for the various phases and actions. In Addition, the game is set to change music whenever a particular situation happens, such as when the game's HP varies. The graphics are also not evil, nothing exceptional, but still appropriate to the type of game that we face. The only peculiarity, which I do not particularly appreciate, but that others might appreciate, is the fact that it is very colorful and sometimes a little psychedelic. PRO: + Fun and quite intuitive + Good variety of enemies + technical Compartment quite adequate AGAINST:-The controls are a really considerable disfavour-Too colarate