CountDown reviews

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Microsoft from French
Product received for free Arcade game that could have been nice but messed up by many unrepaired bugs. When we see the trailer on the page of the store it looks top but in fact the gameplay is ruined because the game is bugged for my part (win 7 64 bits) and suffers many slowdowns, we play at 2 per hour like an old Jalopy that would drag , it's really a pity because it's a good shoot'em up, it's beautiful the music is top and everything and everything but too bugged and practically unplayable. On win 10 there are many crashes. Really disappointed although I did not pay (won on SteamGifts). After completing it I would add the following problems:-big problem of sound when you lose solo, the music freezes in a sizzle that pulls out the eardrums-big problem in co-op after leaving the game, when you come back click on " continue "it is impossible to have player 2 join and choose a ship either on the keyboard or with a 2nd controller. To solve the problem you will have to start from scratch by launching a new game. -positive point: successes are easy to obtain. If you want more ratings visit my curation page
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Microsoft from Russian
It's a Terrible game. First, there are no normal settings-it is impossible to change the control, adjust the brightness or even banal change the volume of the sound, you can only turn on or off the music. You can Also turn on/off "special effects" or switch to windowed mode to increase the performance of the game, but the PERFORMANCE will NOT INCREASE anyway. In The resolution 600 x 800 this game gives a stable 5 frames after 15 minutes of the game, using only 5% of the power of the company. Second, no one even steamed over the game modes. We have a mode of "survival" in which it is necessary not to die from 30 to 1000 seconds firing from random enemies, there is exactly such a mode but on the binary players (on one screen), there is an "infinite" game mode, which is absolutely the same as the previous, but not on time and there "Rank" mode, it is exactly the same mode as the rest, but the result after death can be written in a special table. That's All "variety". Before the start of the game you can choose a boat on which you want to fly and skill, but it absolutely does not affect, everything is the same. Well, I resigned myself with all this and decided at least to do all the acachiki, so purely for the collection. And What do you think? I couldn't do it as 2 of them were fun and impossible! In Short, I put this game 1 lazy developers out of 10. Glad I didn't spend money on IT.