Craft Strategy: Battle Simulator

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Form strategies, choose your units and place them wisely on the battlefield!

Travel through snow, rain, and lava to gain victory!


• Lots of upgradable characters such as the ProtectorCreeper, GhastEndermanSkeletonSpiderBlazeSnowman and more!

• 3 different worlds to battle though and many more coming soon!

• 60 handcrafted unique levels!

• Dozens of upgrades for each character such as skeletons that can shoot fire arrowsCreepers that can freeze enemiesEnderman that can poison and much more!

• Different weather conditions such as rain, snow, and flame showers!

• Stunning Real Time Graphics - Dynamic Cloud Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, Global illumination all running smoothly on mobile devices!

• Strategic Gameplay - Everything from the formation you place your units to how you spend your gold is essential to winning! A totally accurate battle simulator!

• Battle in both Day and Night through rivers and lava pools!

• Special Boss Levels and the end of each world!

And much more! Every week a new world with 10 levels will be added to the game! Also new characters and upgrades will be coming soon 😁

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System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Nov 25, 2019

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