CrazyCars3D reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Description: Arcade Racing. We choose one of four cars (one of them will have to stash coins) and go to one of the two tracks (one of them also have to collect coins). The Tracks are quite long and we need to get to the finish line. Along the way will meet various obstacles that we can either break (in the case of walls) or jump (in case of loss). Collect coins, improve the car and again in the way. Pros: ¥ The Ability to co-op games with a friend (find a friend ready to play this will be a big challenge). ¥ Long runs. ¥ Simple To accomplish (will have a couple of hours to spend). ¥ The Game is completely in Russian language (change in Settings). Cons: ¥ Only Four cars and only two tracks. And until you accumulate a bunch of coins to travel will have the same. ¥ Only One Dynamic soundtrack is looped in a circle. ¥ Lack of physics, introduce what is not very convenient driving. Bottom Line: The Game came out of early access with almost no content behind its shoulders. The Developer promised to do something, but eventually hid somewhere in the house and does not communicate. In a good or need to continue to sit in early access or distributed free of charge. Not recommended.
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Microsoft from French
Early access review I may have had this game for free, in Exchange for an honest opinion, I really do not see what to say good about this game. Here first of all my video that sums up in an exhaustive way the time I lost on this game on the other hand, we can say many things on the negative side, such as:-you have to roll, pick up the cans of essences on the road so to collect the virtual currency of the game. Currency which it serves to improve the vehicle, that is the problem, I explain: the capabilities of the vehicles are lowered to the maximum, which makes the vehicle uncontrollable, goes completely in spin when you want to turn, explodes half of the strength of the bodywork at each ramp and the ability to jump from the vehicle, in addition to being random, is ridiculous. -There is an arcade music for the menue, but nothing for the levels, which makes you hear a tiring noise of Zoom Zoom during the whole level-the levels, let's talk, since they are unmanageable, no kidding, I manage pretty well on these games in General but there I spent 30 minutes trying to do the first level painfully, and I'm sure I didn't even get to the quarter. -QWERTY keyboard, well yes it's typical of this kind of developer who only do things half (or not even at all) so if you are in AZERTY you have to galerate with non-precise directions keys and a space bar that not practical. Needless to say, the "partial handle support" is expectation eh has the limit I would find it more reasonable on the part of the publishers to turn it into F2P, because this game is really not worth more. Say that this kind of stuff is accepted on steam...