Creativerse reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
I love it. I'm really an English NIETE BUT the game is really quite easy to understand and even to understand well with dusty School English. Most of The Mechanics are self-explanatory and work is more likely to be done with the Icon images anyway. Now they've added a new Quest System. I had to translate a few times, but since I already played it 200 std at this time, most of the quest explained itself. Since I have also played minecraft at times, I can only say that creativerse gets exactly what I am extremely annoyed about minecraft and you have here: (map, teleport) + Map you can also zoom in and out + personal spawnpoint, which you can also move at will. Can (Death Restart) + Teleporter to have remote areas available. Without troublesome "eternal." When exploring always which ones have with you + you can create a World/Server on which also friends can play (no Rental Server nitrado for example) which I personally find very good + simple building System + huge world + a Mapquadrate is called claime there and This will ensure your Base, Chests and Raw Materials. In a claimed Area, other Players can't do anything except go through and look at very nicely in case you want to play on a public Server. + You even get free claims and startcoints + first you think the Building System is simple, that's True, but just doesn't mean unimaginative. You can combine a lot with each other and therefore zb. Building street lanterns, etc. + The Construction System has great potential, which I did not notice at the beginning, if you do, it is much possible to get ideas on "adventures," there is server where you can look at all the blueprints. + blueprints you can get out of the workshop for free and then just have to fill it up with the right materials + Even you can also create and upload blueprints + fight is ok and opponents not too strong or terrifying (in minecraft I got myself on the night Always extremely feared) + some blocks you can only buy in the ingameshop, at first I have rummaged the nose, but the exchange course is really fair, but that you can play the game completely for free and on pro is not dependent it are on more frequent actions, where there are things Recoised gives + the materials to farm usually go quite quickly best just pick it all up, you always need that later in the construction projects and so you have already collected a lot at the exploration phase side by the way + it also requires to create "farmtunnels," so get You can design materials of monsters or the chests for weapons, armor and glove also quite slightly + monster very nice, even if they are repeated in the different zones + you can create a vegetable garden and make on it bufffood or pet food + you can All monsters tame, by feeding bufffood you can loot them and thereby even get diamond deceptive, weapons, gloves Pro you can upgrade to pro. This allows you to glide, which is still a bit spongy, but has 60 inventarslots (so 20 more) and a permanent light that hovers over you, which is very practical at night or in caves. You can also set your server even more extensively. After more than 350 hours of play, we only have the focus when building, so it was very nice that I was able to do now that the mops no longer attack us. So this is building very relaxed and makes even more fun I could still write So much, but I hope I could convey a rough insight Bugs: Two stupid bugs but unfortunately also 1st light bug, the light Cone of lamps bugger and thus the environment will no longer Properly lit. With once out, you can fix it, but annoying it is still 2. Sometimes when jumping or when putting blocks exactly under one, you slid and are hurled hundreds of meters into the air, then unfortunately you die so also monsters from the ground to the surface, but these don't die. Known bugs will finally be fixed