Crisis in the Kremlin reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Before: when I was young we had CA [] a beautiful propaganda or it was impossible to survive otherwise than by reforming to adopt a market economy. Or by becoming an authoritarian, backward and tiny state in the face of its survival only with nuclear weapons from the former USSR. A niche game, ugly, full of incomprehensible figures and without any chance of winning. So very nice. Nowadays: we have the remake, crisis in the Kremlin by KremlinGames. A game always as ugly, can be more in view of current standards and games like democracy. With a user interface worse than the original and still as biased, but this time by the camp opposite. Or rather his nostalgic:-Solzhenitsyn would never have gone to the Gulag? OK, surely a RP writing of the event because I was playing Stalinien.. -Even ruined and in full chaos, Crimea will always vote to be attached to Russia. -It is easier to win by looking for the extreme confrontation with the West than to try the slightest little reform of the system. -KremlinGames is actually a Russian company. NHA la it is I who see evil everywhere... to return to the game: the interface: ignoble. A real lesson from everything not to be done. Some examples:-admire the directional cross in the upper left to scroll the pages "Science" or "State of the country" to the left. We can only go to the right... And enter 6 clicks to access the previous page...-the "ESC" button is deactivated throughout the game, you have to click to exit all the menus.. All! -etc etc a real click Festival. I usually have obscure games or just hard to master like Europa Universalis or heart of iron, but there is simply no idea of the usefulness of some ministries or Ministers. No help or manual. It is up to you to guess whether a partocrate at the head of the Minister's Council will be more useful than a pragmatic. Or what are the many budget lines for? But there is so little geopolitical Simulator that you should not make a mouth. Few games give you the opportunity to play the USSR in one of its most glorious moments. The balancing game is fun. Whatever the chosen route you will have to satisfy the people, reassure the army, control the KGB, monitor your political opponents and especially your own camp. Add an earthquake, a plant that farts, a war in Afghanistan and it's just happiness. One part in summary: we look at his indicators by believing that they understand how they relate to each other. You can accurately adjust a mysterious budget. Sometimes we use the world map to expand its influence. Let's go around. One chooses a course to be held according to the event and the resources of the country. We do a lot of clicks, everywhere, all the time, needlessly. We start over to the game over (often) or victory, or something approaching. and yet I can not help but play it.