Crossroad reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Very Light and easy novella-The very fact to pass the time of the evening with a cup of tea ~ Because Once I had the same obsession to knock out all the endings from the old version, in the restart I was oriented much better. And... Well, I wanted to move smoothly to a detailed review of the novel, but apparently my brains are not enough. Therefore (almost) directly to the business. Panache. The First impression usually develops on it, and in this respect I praise artists-to attract attention this novella, certainly, could. All the characters are quite attractive, but sometimes the expressions of their faces were... Very heterogeneous (for example, surprised mom GG resembled a maniac * nervous laughter *). Pleased with unpretentious, but relevant effects. Most Often they met in a branch of a fox, but that's just his appearance "stripes" was slightly strange, because the sprite in the end looked almost complete, but without half of the head: ') If I was Lumi, I would run away, Nachihav to all the romance (haha, in fact NO). Next backgrounds. There's no complaints, they're bogian. Seriously, thank you so much for such hard work on them. And Finally, CG. Soft and tender colors are Pleasing to the eye, but some of the artas are somewhat confused. The Scenes of a kiss, for example, looked even pretty, but strange. And CG with someone-with-a-star-in some places looked... Careless or not. Well, the rest of the Arches, he's definitely inferior. But Maybe it's just all my nagging. But the mini-scenes with Chibickami pleased. Especially for some reason smiled with slippers and a dinosaur, haha. The Undoubted advantage is animation, which is abundant here. Characters are not just blinking, they also sparkle with stars, and are darker for, and many more do. At First It may seem that all of this is too much, but with time the eye gets used to. As a result, under this item would have put eight playful tentacles Slander of ten. There is Still, where to aspire, but the drawing still remarkable. We'Re going further. Plot. As I said, the plot is warm and pleasant. Not deep, though there and figure slipped a couple of interesting thoughts, and not particularly exciting, though the heroine in what just did not get involved on the way. The Novel is entertaining, but it does not leave any deep imprint. That is, read something read, and the impression will remain good, but here to go back and re-read in one breath hardly want. The Events in Novelle are more like fabulous. I thought it was unusual for such a rapid development of relations, even considering that the heroine with her simple and good-natured character is directly available to the spiritual conversations. Heroes, having behind the back some personal tragedy, too quickly cross over it or relatively easily accept something in what they would never believe. However, as the tale of the novella is quite a bad one. Pleased with the numerous otsyloki and light humor, at some points even well so laughed. Especially liked for some reason a joke about a samurai (I will retell her grandchildren, ha-ha). Story put seven dangerous flowers from the meadow Tenko of ten ~ Maestro, music! Unobtrusive and harmonious melodies perfectly emphasized the general magic atmosphere, gave it more life and colors. Give a separate thanks to the composer, he worked great! Ten singing angels out of ten (Mizeri, you better run). And probably the last. Technical part. It was a little uncomfortable to play because of the lack of opportunity to see the early dialogues, because sometimes I unconsciously clicked earlier than I read, and rewind the text back or at least look in the backdoor could not. Fast saves/downloads also did not find, so scored all the usual sayas. But the place still lacked: ') It's Great to have made a music room and a room with "trophies", the latter was especially amusing. But pity my collector's heart, I've been collecting it all half a day. Well, since the small shortcomings game almost did not interfere, and the bonuses were a lot of interesting pieces, put seven wars because of the prefix of ten. Summing up, I will say that despite the minor flaws (or my nagging) "Crossroads" I really liked. Probably, the overkill will be the third time to paint "lightness", "Lordship" and "read" This novel, so I just advise everyone to read, so that they are convinced of everything ^^