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Damn good game, once you get through the arduous process of understanding everything in the UI. You can just as easily min-max and conquer the entirety of Europe as you can roleplay your individual characters and set in-character goals for each of your reigns. The amount of necessary DLC holds this game back from being exceptional, however. If you were an 'early adopter' of the game and bought the DLC at the pace in which it was released, it might not seem like a lot, but to a new player? That's a couple hundred dollars to fully experience the wonder of Crusader Kings 2.

UPDATE: I don't know much about the subscription thing they're doing, but from my understanding, it alleviates the price problem? In any case, I'm bumping it up to a 9.
«Can’t stop playing»
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Crusader Kings II (v2.8.1.1) Http:// POSITIVES + History launches with different Start dates: Early Middle Ages 769 A.D. (DLC Charlemagne), Viking Age 867 A.D. (DLC Old Gods), High Middle Ages 1066 A.D., Mongol Storm 1220 A.D., Late Middle Ages 1337 A.D. (but from 1066 is theoretically Selectable every Year) + starting situation is always historical (correct) + all Texts in German + in And zoomable full 3D map + Map can be moved across the Edges, medium Maubutton or Click on the Minimap + Map surfaces Display switchable (De-Jure Kingdoms, De-Jure duchies, Dynasties, terrain, religion, culture, etc.) + fog of War + game Speed adjustable and always pausable + Character Indications (Image, Names, Age, Wife, successor dynasty and Culture, House coat of Arms, religion, current Location, title, claims, Abilities and even at historical Chars of the Wikipedia link!) + Character skills (Diplomacy, Martial arts, Administration, intrigue, education) arising from the values of the Charm, half the Values of women (rounded) and The respective Adviser) + ambitions for which you get something if you meet them + Character traits that have either been inherited or arise over Time through behavior, but also virtues or Mortal Sins, education, Diseases + dynasty tree + family tree + Hierarchical tree of the Empire + Advice in the Form of Chancellor, Marshal, Chamberlain, Court tip (only possible Posts for Women, excluding the DLC Conclace) and The Hofkaplan or Seer + Councillors can each carry out four different Actions + Research for the Military, Business and Culture with six Subgroups each, each of which can be returned to eight Extend levels can + Decisions (hold Tournaments, Invite Holy Man to court, Invite Nobles to court, Present Debutante, court hunt, buy, hold festivals, etc.) in which you have to fulfill certain Conditions + withdraw Conspiracies such as Titles, Nobles Murder and the like for which you can also use supporters + marriage policy + Religions play a big Role (Catholic, Orthodox, Sunni, Slavic, Germanic, Suomenuscan, Tengric, Zoroastic, etc.) in the Form of Crusades or Relationship of the Bishops to their own Ruler and to Pope + Game currencies in the Form of Wealth, Prestige, Piety, Domain size and Empire size) + ranks in ascending Order, Courtier (without special Title or Possessions), Bishop (reigns over Diocese), mayor (reigns over City), Baron (reigns over Castle), Count (rules over County capital, i.e. a Province and is at the same time the smallest playable rank you can own yourself), Duke (rules over a Duchy Consisting of several Provinces), King (rules over the Kingdom consisting of several Duchies), Emperor (who rules over everything) + up to seven Possessions in a County (Castle, Temple, Diocese, City) + Possessions are expapable + game time basically almost without End (ends when you don't have an heir or in 1452) NEGATIVES-outdated GRAPHICS-dusted Clausewitz engine-begruff Inkiness-absolutely sprawling DLC politics from Hell! -Even in the Sale, the DLCs are totally overpriced and you should patch here for Things to pay for the Other free Http:// FAZIT In the strategy weight "Crusader KINGS II" by the Paradox Developers, If one plays a Ruler of an Empire, a House, a Dynasty, etc., one always assumes the Role of Income after his Death. The Goal must always be set in this Game, as they are not specified. There are always Vassals who are subordinate to you and who have to provide you with Troops and Money. This should be kept mostly happy but also weak. The Problem with this Game is that you can't recommend it easily. Since it is presented In a damn complex and also very sober, I can only advise everyone to watch a Let's Play beforehand, whether the Game is lying to you or not. Watch At at least 10 Hours of tutorial videos, you can't stop by if you want to play sensibly. I at least give a Thumbs up but hope for a future more modern Crusader Kings III Without such DLC Escapades. If you are interested in further Reviews of me, follow my Group.
The flaws of this game are still better than my whole gaming experience. Immersive, fun and silly, usually in a good way
«Just one more turn»