Crush Online reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Hello, after just under 100 Hours of play I will write a little Review. The Basic Principle of the Game is quite nice. There is a large map Of the world, divided into smaller Areas (Maps). These can then be taken in MOBA Fashion by Players. The Game advertises here with a strong Multiplayer and a major War between the three factions available. Personally, I do not have this Durable. There are apparently significantly too few Players, big Battles (max 15 vs 15 per Card) are extremely rare. Much more often it is 1-2 vs 0, as there are either no human Opponents, or it does not interest them. Upgrade crafting system: Similar to major MOBA role models, there are various Equipment, including Shoes, Armor, weapons. The Principle here is a bit confusing and not exactly logical. All Equipment can be upgraded with so-called Spellstones, thus increasing the Rank of an Item, from initial D to C to SS. You can have up to 5 Weapons equipped at a time, and actively switch between the first two Weapons in The fight with Space key. Now comes the odd thing. You have to level the Weapons, because these Give XP Points, they need to be able to carry your remaining Equipment, because all the items need XP. You can think of the XP as more of a Kind of Weight, every Piece of Equipment has a Weight of X, but instead of upgrading Your Backpack, it must be the Weapons. Through the Upgrade System we now come to what strikes me personally negatively. Effectively, there are two Ways to keep in the Game. Either you go into the little Dungeons and farm NPC Monsters to get Gold and Spellstones (necessary for weapons Upgrade) or you do PVP and conquer Areas. As a PVPler, however, you are punished by the game, because as a Reward there are only medals, which can be exchanged for Raw Materials, but not for Spellstones, so those who do a lot of PVP fall by the Wayside from The Equipment and only become Cannon Fodder. Thus, the Game forces you to get into the Dungeons (after the Xten sometimes get boring). If you are not able to exchange the PVP Medals for Spellstones, I personally do not see any great Motivation to continue playing this Game. Groups and Guilds: There are Guilds (called Legions in the Game) that can unlock Strongholds and thus receive certain Bonuses, but a real Group system is sought in vain. It is not possible to form a Group with Friends or Legion members and to enter a Dungeon or a PVP Fight together with them, because here the Principle "who comes to come first" applies. This means that if you want to conquer an Area with your Legion and you are a full Group of 15 Men, it can be that another Player is already in the Area and thus has to remain a Member of the Legion. The Same with Dungeons, it is not possible to enter a Dungeon as a Group. In a Dungeon, a maximum of 5 Players can be at a time, but if another Player is faster, a Group member will be left at the Door again. Some Things here in the Game are quite nice, it runs Error-free, no rucklers, no excessive Connection problems, but it has three big Problems: 1. Too Little player, the advertised "War" does not really exist at 2 vs 0 2. No Group System 3. PVPler will be punished as they will not receive upgrade Legs without hours of PVE Dungeon Farms. There is a clear Need for improvement.