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I was challenged to play this game, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into this other then have this thought that this is not going to be a positive experience for me. So I spend a few bucks on this and see what I'm going to be doing. I will say this, I wasn't expecting the game to be like ... this. I'm glad that the video game is short as I beat it in 104 minutes, but the fact that it took that long to beat this game is abysmal. The graphics are so low-poly that I feel like I was playing a game from the PS1 era. It got so difficult at the beginning where I get killed so easily that once I start looking for treasure chests, that's when I figured out what to do, and it does make it super easy to get through. I will say that the hit detect is horrible because I'm never sure if I got close enough to hit the enemies.

Once I figure out how to play, the game gets super repetitive to get through that I'm just wanting to get to the end. It's gotten pretty easy to get through, but once it got to the last level, that's when it got a difficult jump for no reason. Even when I'm at the highest level with the strongest weapons, I still feel like I'm at the same level as the first level from where I started. The bosses are generic to get through and are pretty easy to beat, and the last boss was a pitiful looking final boss where I was trying my damndest to beat this Godforsaken game. Once I beat the game, the end credits are so lazily done that I felt like I accomplished nothing from playing the game. I definitely wasted my money on this short ass game, but I'm glad I got some achievements from the game that'll level up my Steam account. Just watch the playthrough of the game on YouTube, you're better off that way instead of playing the game itself.
«Buggy as hell»
«Waste of time»
Inspiring. Revolutionary.

Crypt of the Serpent King awakened a creative potential in me I never realized I had. It got me to quit my job at the local McDonald’s, divorce my wife, and defect to the Soviet Union so that I could thrive under the guidance of my true capabilities. It’s the sort of inspiration to want to be a part of something bigger than yourself simply for the satisfaction it brings you, the kind I imagined the developers felt as I fought tooth and nail through the multitudes of uninspired and visually repetitive levels. Triple A studios bow their heads in shame of the mere presence of this work of art. Stanley Kubrick was driven to the point of self-destructive perfectionism because of his admiration of the masterpiece he would never one-up. Friedrich Nietzsche was best known for declaring “God is dead and we have killed him”, but historians fail to take into account his more profound declaration: “But one day he will be reborn as Crypt of the Serpent King”. For shame, UN.

Crypt of the Serpent King is required viewing. It is a life-changing experience that asks the player to look at themselves honestly and ask, “why the fuck did I spend money to play this shit?”
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
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Microsoft from Spain
Let's be frank: This game-like game-is a piece of ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥, that is undeniable, it is undeniable from the moment you start and see its halls and halls of identical construction, it does not matter what floor of the dungeon, is undeniable from the moment you see the Animacione S of the enemies and the physical motor of the blows that converts the distance to which this your body of the weapon of the enemy in a purely anecdotico value and is undeniable from the moment you see those designs of enemies and weapons that seem to shout "The Day that the gods They handed out originality Yoo Nooo estaaabaaaa! " But, dear Steamer Fellow, can I call you Pepe? Dear Pepe, please do not make the terrible mistake of ignoring the humorous possibilities of this game! I was about to do so, and if it had been, would not have passed the good times I spend recording these two videos I share with you, now that we know well: So, dear Pepe, do not see this as a game-bad, because it is worse than hitting a mother with her own baby in the face-but, like a wonderful festival of humor, why Pepe, let's be honest: the best humor that exists is Undoubtedly the unintended Humour.
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Microsoft from Italian
First to write a review in Italian about this game and I must say it surprises me since it is not bad at all. For now I tried and finished only to fix casual but soon I will try to finish it even to normal to engage in the hardcore difficulty that is released only after completing it at the second level. Some negative points obviously has them but being an indie game you pass over to almost everything if you have then in your hands a valid product (and this, more or less, it is): 1-The graphics are rather sparse and essential even if the enemies are rendered very well; 2-The sound sometimes turns out to be quite annoying (if you play with headphones sometimes will hurt your ears) when you could put maybe less music but add the noises that can be made by banging against other objects; 3-The GDR component is sketched and, although they continue to take experience points, it is not possible to overcome the lv10 in the only three abilities (strength, health and agility); 4-Always in the difficulty which I have played I understand immediately what are the best weapons to attack enemies, then maximum 1 attempt and the second you finish the level; 5-The weapons to buy with the money found along the game are too few. You will have Them half-game but you can, unnecessarily, continue to collect gold coins from the various coffers of the levels; 6-I would have varied the objects to be collected for each level... Always the keys (in more and more numbers but maybe let me find precious stones...); 7-a poor longevity... 7 levels for about 6 hours of play are pochini. In conclusion, for me it is purely a fantasy action game with good potential. If I recommend it? Given the price you even though there are products "dungeon Crawler" Obviously far more valid but that cost much more:)! Rating: 6 and a half