CSR Racing 2 reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
After a lot of Hours of Play over The years, I have to say that the Game really holds itself great! New Updates are constantly coming with new Events, new Cars or new Modes or other Features. Unfortunately, I still miss one thing very much and I would be happy if it finally came: Optical Tuning with Body Kits, rims, Freely customizable body parts, final Silencers, Lights, Headlights, Feathers and freely selectable Stancing and Camber Indentations, Tyre Sizes etc ... At least a Fraction of this would actually have to be feasible. If you look at Competitors like NFS No Limits or FR Legends, you can see how it could be. Only there are two completely different Games and can't replace CSR by a long shot. Such a Tuning Possibility would be divine and many People would be really grateful to you! If then there were also credits instead of gold, even better. Otherwise a great and unique Game in all Respects. Thank you for your Commitment in the first two Parts of CSR!
Translated by
Microsoft from Dutch
After playing this game for over a year and seeing how the game has progressed over that time. It is designed to make you spend money. If you want to be even remotely close to a top player in the game, you will have to spend gold to complete races and buy cars and parts to max it. The “Live” races are unmanaged to keep people from hacking the top times. If your device is not a top 5 in the world, you will be spending as much time trying to connect as you will racing. The events come way to often and most will cost you close to $500 usd to buy the car and parts to max it out, just to have another car come out in a season or 2 that is faster. Quite a few players just pay someone to mod a fully maxed car to their account for $5 and the game doesn’t even notice. Then you will run into game glitches such as cars running absurd times in live because of poor coding in the game, however if you use these cars that they created, they will blame you and ban you. Be prepared to lose random parts and cars for no other reason than a profile sync.
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Discharged several time ago, I competed until I reached a good level: this until I realized that the prices to access some challenges began to cost tens of euros, and even buying a car to compete, the developers, for Completing the competition, they made it necessary to buy additional spare parts to upgrade the cars in order to complete the single tournament. What then makes you angry, is that lately the game tends to crash in the races live (those that are intended to acquire more scores for the team). It is Not possible that, to play and compete, it is not enough to spend really much money if you want to improve, but that even you come across An increasingly deficient application is defective. I have Complained several times; Result?! I got some spare parts loaded... Of the series, do not break: we give you two candies! Unique acclaim, excellent graphics: PS I forgot: to play and store the data need several gbyte, eye.