Cuban Missile Crisis: Ice Crusade reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Operation Ice Green And so. Came turn the next part of the Cuban Crisis. This time I will not talk for a long time (because everything was painted in the last review) as the games are almost identical. Let's go! Gameplay Since The last game really little has changed. For convenience, I'll break into points: Infantry. It's all the same. Firing Range is scanty, life expectancy under fire is approximately equal to the duration of the Big Bang (i.e., a few milliseconds). The Only Trump in the hands remains a grenade launcher, which still knocks the entire crew of the tank with one shot (and for the death of the tank is enough 1-2 hits). Technique. There are even some innovations here. That's just made them through the ass. Now, in addition to the OBT, there were rocket tanks that shoot the Ptours. Kinda cool, huh? No, it's not. First, the RT see the usual, which gives them the right to first shot. As A result, as long as your canisters correction them you will forfeit guaranteed 1-2 tanks. Secondly, the damage of these Prounds is simply cosmic. As the saying goes "one shot, one kill". There is no Way to dodge them. In addition, the RAZRABAM did not have the mind to reduce these tanks rate of fire, as a result, several of these tanks will easily beat your entire grouping. And because they hide most often behind the backs of other tanks and infantry, the task of destroying them becomes a headache. About the stupidity of AI, attempts to constantly kill the enemy, the curve path-finding I am silent-it is a default comes bundled. I would like to note the fact that the tanks in this game super-perapana and almost always wanshoyat each other and without these your Ptours. Just incredible work on the balance, nothing to say! Aviation. Even in the first Blitzkrieg, the Sallois never sucked. In each mission, the enemy has a number of AIR defense, which is about the Bombers and Stormtroopers can be forgotten until the moment when the player neutralizes it. And if the player destroys it, then the meaning of their call disappears-by this moment you will pass the mission. Again, about automatic anti-aircraft guns that knock down the heavy (!) mother of his bombers and other flying jet canisters, I do not even. Aviation here is simply useless a little more than completely. Not Happy even the fact that the helicopters here can be controlled, and their modelki, finally, became sane, with a rotating, not static propeller. But It's little things. I don't Even know why I mentioned it. Strategic map. Oh, how I got burned from her in the first game, so Burns here. The Razslaves did not bother to make at least some changes, anything! The Spam attacks on the objects captured by the player are still in place. Wow, it's so interesting 150 times to play the same card. Besides, at least some artillery is still there. Here are a few infantry units, a half BMP-1 (which forehead in the forehead of nothing OBT can not) and keep the object as you want. Of course, you can poke the "autobahn" but as I said earlier, the AI here is so beaten up that almost always loses. About the mission itself. Scenario missions Here are much smaller (only 10 on both sides), but their quality has not affected. They were both miserable and boring, so they stayed. To make the story missions so dull need to try. This is not the first Blitzkrieg and its additions, where each scenario mission crashed into memory and pass them all was a pleasure. Technical side On Win10 no problems. There are no Bugs or departures. The Problem is only in screen resolution. To set the desired need to climb in the config file. The visuals Slightly improved the effects of the explosions, slightly adding details to the map. However, the latter remained the same nondescript and incredibly similar to each other. TL; Dr As a fan of the first Blitzkrieg I am extremely saddened that good games on its base are almost gone (again, except Stalingrad). Cuban Missile Crisis Just pretends it's something special, "new setting, New breath". In fact, it is not banal to Zapalno Modelki Tanchikov 50s-60s and consider that the game is ready. Without change of mechanics and its fine adjustment under new units nothing will work. And This is what the two games did not understand. And It is a pity, because the idea of both games is very interesting and opens a huge field for fantasy. But it didn't. In the Trash.