Culinary Creature Combat

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you crossed a Pokémon (RPG) style game with Overcooked (Cooking), of course you haven't but we did it anyway. Prepare to see why these genres combined make a confusing game with far too many systems to build and Art to draw in 72 hours.

Changelog (Post Jam Bug Fixes)
  • V1.01 - Hotfix (WebGL build only): Fixed the Web Build requiring the F1 Key to work as that appears impossible in browsers, it now uses H. (Didn’t spot this bug as I only tested the web build with a controller)
  • V1.02 - (All Builds) Fixed tool attacks names not updating when changing tool, Thanks to @elbcore for catching that. I added the attacks very last minute and didn’t put the update call in the right spot, whoops.
    Also applied previous hotfix to all builds, so H key is now the help button (in addition to the Start button on a controller)
  • V1.02.1 - Linux Only - Rebuilt using Universal (32/64bit) Unity Preset and tested that it runs on Ubuntu (Your mileage may vary).

First game we built in Unity and our first Ludum Dare.
Please mention any issues/bugs, play-testing this type of game is a nightmare and I’m sure someone can break it. We have mainly tested the Windows Desktop Build any others are at the mercy of Unity. WebGL should work and Linux I’ve tested on Ubuntu quickly. As for Mac I have no way of testing at all, sorry.


The aim of the game is to complete the orders that appear at the top right of the screen, to get the ingredients you will have to venture into section of the supermarket where you will encounter various ingredients and engage them in combat.
Refer to the help menu for more specific tips on where to find certain ingredients.  
Some ingredients have to be attacked with a certain tool for the to be prepared correctly (help menu provides guide), if you use the wrong tool the ingredient is ruined and worthless to you.  
Try to capture the ingredients you need and place them in the correct cooking station (Recipe shows which), place any unneeded ingredients into the bin. Keep gathering the correct ingredients until the recipe is complete, then deliver the food to delivery table (Chequered Table).   
If you make a mistake placing an ingredient you will need to fill the cooking station first to be able to bin the incorrect mixture (Limitation I was hoping to remove but time ran out).  
You can only battle when you are not holding any items (Bottom left corner)
Your tools do get damaged but can be healed at the health station.


WASD/Arrow Keys/Left Analogue - Movement  
Space/Enter/A Button - Most other functions  
Start Button/H Key  - Help Screen Toggle  
Esc - Exit  

Made by

Richard Hancock - Code -  
Jamie Slowgrove - Art, Code -  

3RD Party Credits Music

Cyborg Ninja, Super Power Cool Dude, On My Way - Kevin MacLeod (   
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0  

SFX - miss hit - hit - player damage - blender - bin - fry - success - fail - health  

Font - Public Domain

Release date
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Not rated

System requirements for PC

System requirements for macOS

System requirements for Linux

System requirements for Web

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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