Curses 'N Chaos reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
So before anything else. I do not recommend this game to the vast majority of players. What for? We'll see it later. But if you are not an old man, accustomed to the scoring and the game of yesteryear. It will be a no, even if the game has good things. Anyway, let's start. The story of curses ' N chaos is simple. The sorcerer King sends hordes of monsters to "X" reasons and only Lea and Leo oppose the invader. Alas, they are coursing the sorcerer King who throws a curse on them. Curse that attracts monsters and death to them. The only way to lift it will be to create "the elixir of life". History is an excuse but it has the merit to exist. She reminds me of the berserk series, which I highly recommend. But that is not the subject. The game itself is a little beat'em all. In a fixed screen. Waves of monsters will attack you until the boss of the zone appears. If the timer goes to zero, death will appear and attack you until you finish the current wave or boss. The variety of monsters is great and the bosses are a good Bill. The thirteen paintings are beautiful but empty of Interactivities. The arts pixels are really clean and the animations are very good bills. Mentions for 2-3 cutscenes. The 8bit-typed soundtrack is punctuated and accompanies the game well. A very good point. At the level of the possibilities offered to the player. We can play either LEA or Leo but nothing differentiates them in terms of techniques. Techniques that are very poor and you will swear by the foot jumping that will be your trump all along the game. To this is added a usable object system and a craft table to create this famous "elixir of life" but nothing incredible. A combo system exists and will increase the value of the score and money earned if you don't get hit. This will be the quickest way to earn a lot of money and to accelerate fulfillment of your quest. One detail, the "down" key allows your character to dance and generate points, points that will be proportional to your combo and that increase your score. The game this course pretty fast apart if you really want to finish the game with the right end and see the real end boss. But I have to admit that I will stay on my current experience. Right now. Well, the big problem with curses ' N chaos is that we quickly arrive at an obvious weariness. The worst part is that it moves well and there is always something to kill. But you'll do almost nothing but jump attacks. This is the only attack that allows to have the DPS, the speed of action and be safe. Worse, some enemies can only be touched by this attack. Interactions are zero and only randomly dropped objects can break this monotony. The pop of the enemies is the only distraction during the levels as well as the discovery of the bosses. To add to the lifespan, the p ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ guys from tribute games force the players to farm money to fill crafter "the elixir of life"... In short you see what I'm getting at. I also note that the range of attack is really rotten. Which is pretty boring to touch enemies without being touched. At the limit it's not that bad but it adds an extra difficulty, especially to make big combo. Too bad the game does not offer more opportunities for action and interaction. It is not bad but really deserves some well felt additions because it happens to become training at times. In the end, if doing the same thing for 20 hours in a nice game do not bother you. Curses ' N chaos can be a good time.