Cut the Rope 3

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The game starts with Nibble Nom entering the upper part of Om Nom's house where he finds some things like a photo of one of Om Nom's family exploring and trying to find some Nommies and a Rope in the chest, he ends up playing with the Rope and falls, then Om Nom sees what is happening and then Nibble Nom finds a map of all the Nommies that have been found or not, then they both begin their mission.

Each world in this game has 16 levels separated into letters and these worlds are chosen by the compass.

Forest: One of the first worlds in the game, this world presents 2 new features, the Whip which can be used to collect more stars or to rescue Nibble Nom and the Balloon can be used automatically when Nibble Nom passes by it, in some moments a variant of the Balloon may appear.
Cave: The second world of the game, like the Forest, this world presents only 2 new features, the Climbing Rope where Nibble Nom can walk along it sometimes when they are together and Lantern which is useful for illuminating the Stars.
Pirate Ship: The third world of the game, this world presents the largest number of new features such as the Cannon which can be used to launch Nibble Nom in specific places, the Water which is useful for going up or down to collect stars or to rescue Nibble Nom, the Water Plug that can be used to remove Water and the Rope Wheel that can be used for Nibble Nom to go to specific places.
Pyramids: Currently this is the last world of the game, this world only presents 1 single new feature, the Magic Platform which creates a platform for Nibble Nom when he passes.

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Last Modified: Jan 4, 2024

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