Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I play on PC without a Controller. Only this Setup is referred to by my Criticism. State of play for Early March. The Control for Mouse and Keyboard is a single Disaster! You can see merh as clear that the Game was originally developed for Console and then just got ne PC version. Buttons that are displayed are those for Controllers and you get zero tooltips in terms of Keyboard handling. The Control itself can only be adjusted in the Start Menu and not in the running Game. I had to press the Entire keyboard up and Down the entire Keyboard once and for a lack of display and Tooltips in the Tutorial To find the right Keys. More than just a lot of work needs to be done. As it is now, the Control for PC can only be described as Cheekiness. That's Why, unfortunately, first of all, refund.