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As a new release, for a limited time only discounted price!

The world is coming to an end! An alien planet-like monster suddenly appeared from a portal and is coming towards the earth! Our hero Mark was nearly killed when it arrived and turned into a cyborg by his scientist father. Now, with his new name and powers, Cyclomadron will enter the evil planet in order to destroy it from the inside. Does he have what it takes to do it?

Cyclomadron Manga


Cyclomadron is a very difficult 2D retro style platformer set in a alternate futuristic universe.

You play as cyborg name Cyclomadron, in a mission to infiltrate the evil planet and destroy it from the inside after evading a series of traps. The game contains more than 70 levels, and  there is a different gameplay style, song and theme every few levels.

The game starts at easy difficulty while teaching the player the mechanics of each theme and it progressively become harder and harder, so this way everyone has a chance to enjoy it. Worked really hard to make the game balanced and fair instead of aggravating and annoying, even though it is nearly impossible to achieve that in these kind of games.

Some examples of different gameplay are about the player acquiring abilities such as double jump or climb walls. Also things like swift in gravity, water levels, laser levels and others!


Operating Systems:

Windows 32 / 64

Linux 32 / 64

Mac 64


If you want to get in touch, report bugs, or know more about the game, you can find me @SteliosWinters

If you want to find out more about my other projects, check out -

Music by Technoaxe

Thank you for visiting, and for those who enjoyed this page enough to buy it, I appreciate the support and I hope you enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed creating and testing it!

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System requirements for Linux

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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Cyclomadron reviews and comments

Surprisingly fun.

I bought the bundle because I like minimalist games.

The graphics could have been more lively but the gameplay is on point. It has a good challenge and every time that it seems like the levels were getting too hard, it was introducing new mechanics and decreasing the difficulty until the player gets used to them.

A pretty fun experience. Just screw the last level damn it! Music was also dope even though sound effects were lacking a bit.
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