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Well Karrom is not truly carrom !! These are the simple rules:

You need to pocket the five board coins using the yellow striker coin. Click (or touch) on the striker and then drag and release to point you shot. After every complete turn the striker will be automatically positioned to the center of the board. The board coins are of five colours and every coin has a fixed point which is Blue[1], Pink [2], Orange [3], Green[4] and Red [5]. Pocketing a coin in a turn equal to its point value will earn you a bonus of the current point multiplied by the turn. For example, if you pocket the 'Orange' coin which has point 3 in the third turn you get a score of 9 (3X3). Similarly pocketing the red coin in the fifth turn will earn you a score of 25. Pocketing the striker will penalize your score by 1. Additionally, post the fifth turn, every additional turn will add another penalization of 1. The game is complete once all the coins are pocketed or the score reaches a negative value.

N.B: For mobile devices, please adjust the game screen size using pinch zoom to fit your display.

Use the 'RESET' button or refresh the page to reset.

Enjoy !!

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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