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D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die

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In D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, the player assumes the role of a detective who can see and alter the past. The very name of the game, D4, references the concept of time as a fourth dimension that can be explored.


The main protagonist, David Young, is a former Boston police officer who served in a narcotics unit. A couple of years ago someone killed his wife. David himself suffered a head trauma that made him amnesiac. The same trauma allowed him to uncover his superhuman skill to see the past. When he touches the important items related to his past, he can see their history and even travel to his own past to change it. Now Young became a private detective and is still searching for his memories and his wife's murderer. His goal is to change the past to prevent her death. On his investigation, Young will encounter many oddball characters and question his own sanity.


The game consists of a series of episodes, not unlike a visual novel. The player controls David Young from the third person view. The main character is limited in his movements and can only follow the predetermined paths. The goal is to explore the locations and to interact with various characters to uncover the mystery. The game often uses quick time events, and when the player fails them, the protagonist loses health. Xbox One version of the game employs Kinect as the main control tool, while PC version allows the player to use the mouse.

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Microsoft Studios, AGM PLAYISM, Active Gaming Media
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17+ Mature

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[Archived] D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die
Backer request: D4 Dark Dreams Don't Die by SL128
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D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Pu, difficult Case. In principle, I liked the Game. If you are looking for a Game for The End of the day, where you don't have to do much yourself, such as in the Telltale games, you are well advised here. Graphic is quite nice, Music sometimes really good, Translation okay. However, you have to get involved in the Setting-a lot of cranky Characters can be found here. When a Person appeared (for those who played it: The Character who jumps into one on the first Walk through the Apartment), I was actually Considering whether I was breaking the Game. Didn't and am happy with My Decision in Hindsight. But as I said, anyone who copes with such a thing and also with the typical Humor from Manga, etc., is well served here. Problem of the Whole thing, which is why I find it difficult to do with a Review, is the same thing that has already been criticized by most others here: The "Season" contains two Episodes with an overall Very short running time, even if you take a lot of Time like me. At the same time, it's not entirely clear whether a Sequel will follow after the Cliffhanger at the End. Have bought the Game in Christmas sale, for that it's fine (if they continue the Game). And in principle, I would also give a general Buy recommendation, but not at the short Term. So, as long as there is no Continuation and it costs 15 Euros: In the Sale yes, without Sale no.
Everything about this game is weird, you know like Japanesely-weird. Features: - The visual style overall is really good especially for the moderate graphics they have here. - The game requires a particular mindset to follow the story and solve tasks. I suspect it works fine for the Japanese, I as a Western felt puzzled in many points of the story. - The good mixture/balance between the story and the gameplay.
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