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What is Danger Crew?

Danger Crew is a retro-style RPG about being a programmer at a company.

  • Bust out your laptop in hack battles against other programmers
  • Level up your Crew with new scripts, laptop upgrades, and computer science themed items
  • Complete journal quests by helping people at the office and in the city solve big problems
  • A full 7 chapter single player story experience
  • Original soundtrack created by the developers and friends

What's the gameplay like?
A mashup of Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, and Pokemon.

How long does Danger Crew take to complete?
On average, people finish the story in 6-7 hours.

Reviewers and Streamers say:

“Danger Crew has to be one of the more refreshing takes on an old school genre I've played in quite some time.” - PiroTae

“the graphical style is a nostalgic homage to quirky Super Nintendo RPGs like Earthbound & Robotrek“ - devon.dale1

“If you like charming games like Stardew Valley, then you will enjoy this one as well!” - Rummy

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Release date
Team Danger Crew
Glenn LaBarre
Drew Conley
Age rating
Not rated

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Last Modified: Oct 25, 2019

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