Dark Angels: Masquerade of Shadows reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Then the... WOW the weirdest hidden object game I've ever been able to play... There are hidden object scenes (well Yes:P).. but they are well placed and not continuous like the plupards of the games of the genre. but the, we have a really super bizarre game... a huge by that is not without raping the telltales or the Sherlock Holmes, here we have many possible choices, and I insist on the "choices". answer or not has a character, up or down? left or right? Etc.. We really have a shit of choice, but kind of a lot... each time between two scenes of hidden objects or other. decisions to take not always obvious. a rather gripping atmosphere, not too forced, nor too Mole. a good side "stress and fear" that will surprise you often. It's not horror, but.. Ben.. in fact it's rather kind of "psychological horror", if you see the genre.... a trick of the style: yours, it surprises, it's hideous and ugly and awful (at times), but it's not to scare you, this is the to make you stress. It works pretty well. the story and stakeholder, but not original to the extreme. We always control a woman (always..-_-) who without knowing it, will save the world of the big mechand not beautiful. by belonging (without having to ask the opinion) has a secret group that fights against monsters, not beautiful, short.. a "banal" story of SoC games. but this same story is nice here by its variation... no hidden object scene every 2 minutes, here the mini games are varied, well thought out, between cut of scene of the genre Pacman seen from a Nintendo 64 and scene a decision that gives a good immersion in the game. I once again support the fact that there are many "choices" to make. the music is repetitive, much like in any games SoC... but not too strong, so we quickly lend very little attention. However, it melts well at the time of the "choices", had the ambience Sherlock Holmes of its moments (even the effect "idle temp". I find it fairly linear at times. between the scenes, one tends to just click on a trick, which will allow you to click on u n other stuff etc.. a click combination to reach the next scene. graphically pretty, nothing to say. the plupards of the scenes are correct and the cutscenes are good too. negative side. one does not close our eyes on its simplicity. Despite the good points, it is not free from the classic mistakes to the genre. mini games too easy (or too hard sometimes), the linear between-scene very simple, the SoC not complicated at all (consisting of finding an item in order to activate another item etc... not hard being given that "the shadow" of the next item is present, one doubts what will serve the hidden object and suddenly find it faster. Besides his points, I do not really find him any things that are worth a negative. overall, this game is surprising because of its design and gameplay. a good game to do, although it may shock a few fans of SoC games.