Darkness Descends

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Darkness has swept over the world and only you can stop it from spreading and wiping out humanity. Delve deep into an ever changing tomb and close the gates to the dark realm. 

An exploration rouge like game set in a dark catacomb with an ever changing layout. Navigate your way through the dangers of the dark with only the guide of your torch.


  • W A S D - Movement
  • Shift - Sprint
  • E - Interact (w/ items that have a floating marker above them)
  • Space - Swing Torch
  • Q - View Health and Stamina
  • ESC - Pause


Using your torch, which acts as your health and guiding light, navigate your way to each levels portal and close it by interacting with it. Be careful as your torch begins to fade over time and can ONLY be recharged at a campfire. If your light is lost you will be vulnerable to possession.

In the dark tomb you will encounter enemies afraid of the light, flash your torch in front of you to have them flee before the mighty power of the light. But be careful, any who have gone before you may be possessed and are not scared of the light, for them you will have to resort to physical means (Attacking), or... run.

The levels are proceduraly generated and will become a maze. The best way to navigate is to light the torch scones and candles along your path. 

Now go fourth and save the world from the Darkness. We need you Acolyte.

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This game was made as part of the Godot Wild Jam #7 - Game Jam. The theme was Possession. Godot Version 3.1


Joshua Burns - Composer/Audio Designer

Osama Hassan - Artist

Ahmad Idriss - Gameplay Engineer 

Mathew Nold - Systems Engineer

Release date
Mar 17, 2019
Cryptic Silver Games
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Mar 18, 2019
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