Dead In Bermuda reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Sun. Played Through and quite satisfied. What is it all About? 8 People survive a Plane Crash and have to watch them cope (with each other). The Aim is therefore to stay Alive, to expand his Camp and to examine the Island According to useful Crims Krams. Each of the Survivors brings a certain Kit that favors or puts them at a disadvantage in one or the other Job. Likewise, everyone has different Perks that encourage or slow their Progress in Skill x. Through Camp Talks, they are gradually revealed. Right at the Beginning (I played it in German), however, I noticed the Unifying nature of the Figures. "That's the Striver," "That's the Snake," "That's the Sunnyboy" etc. The Characters and Conversations deserved a Spark of Attention to Detail and therefore seem ' clapped '. Even the entire Story History seems like ' well thought, not skillful '. So, at a Time when the Market is being swamped by Survival Games, unfortunately only the Graphic Style that somehow stands out remains. Although there are still various translation/spelling errors in v1.1 that throw one or the Other Question Mark into the Room-sometimes also amusing-if it is too extreme, you can change the Language in the Game at any time. Still, the Game is neatly Fun and captured me. 9 Hours played, the Game started 2x. This is sometimes due to the LvL Up System and the Curiosity about what the Game, apart from The expansion of the warehouse and The Survival, still has to offer. There are still some good Ideas, various Allusions to other Media (Monkey Island, Marilyn Manson Eg) and some abort-looking figures. To keep the common Thread, there is also a Quest Display. The Beginning is difficult, but over time, research makes survival easier and Easier. Initially you have Problems with the Alignment between Food Sourcing and Expansion, the Base is expanded it is more about Fighting depression And targeted Leveling Of one or two Figures to win the Skill samples in the Quest. In the later End, the Probability calculation was often reminiscent of XCom 1/2. An 80%-win Chance now and then seems like a 20%th Chance of being able to win 80%. Nevertheless, the Game is highly recommended for Survival fans. I bought it for €9am at the Sale and would settle the Value of the Game right there as well. Although the Game has an existing Replay Value (Characters skillfully), the Game (in my Opinion) does not offer enough to actually want it. For that, the Figures were not very much For me and after Expanding the Base you basically just sprint towards The Endgame, because the Resources Hoard and you have nothing else to do except for the Psyche of the People. For a one-time Game, however, it is perfectly recommended for the above price.