Dead Island 2 reviews

I'm always a sucker for a zombie game. Combat is a bit basic but between that and the story it kept me going.

Date Completed: 2024-03-16
Playtime: 17h
Enjoyment: 7/10
Recommendation: Yeah
Fun start. I like the feel of the melee combat so far and I love the visual style of the combat. The zombies look great. The Hollywood setting I’m liking. The two foot jump kick is very fun. The weapon mod system seems fun. I really don’t have any complaints so far. The story is filled with cheesy B movie dialogue but I think it works for this non serious zombie style.

This is a lot better and more fun than I was expecting. I think the reviews are too low. This is a great zombie game.

One thing I’m really liking about dead island 2 has been the rate at which I am getting new weapons and mods. There has been a good amount of variety and I am enjoying testing them out. The sledgehammer is my favourite weapon so far though. Meat cleaver is also quite good. 

Game is still better than I thought it’d be. I am having fun with it. It’s the type of game that maybe never reaches any crazy highs, but it also hasn’t had any low parts. It’s been quite fun the whole time, I like the pacing, I’ve enjoyed exploring the different open zones. The zombies themselves have been awesome and the combat has a really great feel to it. It’s not particularly challenging but it’s fun. It’s a chill game.

Beat it. Fun game. The length felt appropriate. I did lots of side missions at the start and then for the final section I just finished the main campaign and didn’t do the last round of side quests. I had explored all the maps well enough. Fun AA game. Mid upper B+.

Final Score: B+
It's nice to kill zombies, the plot is shit, the characters are shit. You can only complete the game for the sake of a detailed zombie dismemberment.

Зомби убивать приятно, сюжет говно, персонажи говно. Пройти игру можно только ради детальной расчлененки зомби.
Good gameplay and graphics but it lacks some important aspects tho.

Movement and combat are good. Not Dying Light level, but good. Sometimes it feels restrictive, but you get used to those animations. Also, graphics in that context really adds to the experience, because hitting a zombie feels great. Mutilation is on point, and so is physics. Melee, as a gameplay core, is satisfying and all types of it are fun at some point. We also have elements like fire and electricity to modify and change our gameplay style. Fire guns feel Over Powered, but since ammo is not that easy to get all the time, you have to save it for important moments.

About the graphics, it's really impressive. Even in 1080p ultra, the game feels photorealistic. LA is amazing. Day or Night, doesn't matter. Facial expressions are pretty good, even though, let's be honest, the script didn't use them to their full potential. But talking about physics, hands down to the amazing water we have high here. Remember the elements I said before? They match perfectly with the gasoline, water, and chemical resources we find on the map. For example, you can get a gallon of water, spread it all over the ground, and hit it with an electricity weapon to kill a horde of zombies. Or use water to clean the chemical that is in your way. it's beautiful and hella fun.

Unfortunately, Dead Island 2 has some problems. First, the plot is weak. The premise is good, but the development beyond it is null. You want to like the characters, but you don't have reasons to. And for god sake, I'm so tired of playing an adult game and being remembered by the protagonist that all of what is happening is a fun child's play to them. Just to be clear, I don't think there is a problem in not taking things too seriously, but all the fcking time? come on...

Furthermore, for a game with RPG elements, why it is so short (15 hours to beat it)? I'm sorry to say it, but you'll not play this game 2 times in a row. When it is over, it's over. Side quests are boring also - not all of them. This game could be so much better. I can believe it is being developed for so long. Doesn't make sense to me.

Anyway, I recommend you buy this game only when some DLC launches. Right now, not worth buying.
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