Dead Sea reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review I got Dead Sea 2 years ago and thought to myself "Nice another Open world Game like e.g. The Forest "had to find that the Game was still quite in its Infancy because you could only walk around in the Desert or walk around, so I waited (and forgot). After 2 Years I saw the Game again in the Library and thought I could see myself again and test it out. ! WOW! In the whole 2 Years, the Developers have managed to bring Hands into the Game ... Unfortunately, these are always in the Picture, have few and strange Animations when running. You also don't cast a Shadow, or else you don't own a Body. One sees one's view in Principle as flying hands that have to eat, drink and "float" in the shade in order to survive. Steps are not to be heard unless you run and there are quite a few Mistakes. Endurance, Health, Thirst and Sunstroke (I'll just name it) are the ads you have at your disposal to keep an eye on your Status, which also look pretty Plump and simple. Filled Circles that empty. That's just not more than that. 2 Bottles of Water, 2 Cans of Food (probably beans) and 1 Bottle of Alcohol (but which has the same Effect as a Bottle of water) can be found at the Beginning of The game, and also somewhere in the Desert (but you need extreme Luck for this) The Water and the Alcohol make sure You do not desolate and that you do not suffer any Sun Engest. Do you Have a Sunstroke your Health also drops. You restore Your Health with The Canned Food, saying: When your Health has reached the half of your day and you eat both doses you are still not fully healed. The Idea that you need Shade so as not to lose any Sun Dum and therefore also to lose health I don't find bad ... Nevertheless, I did not manage to get to any other Rock without dying. Because they are either too far out of each other or the Supplies are too Scarce to get there. Have you left the Shadow of your Rock and you set out in Search of other Rocks or another Shelter (although I don't know if there is anything else) you have just under 2-4 Minutes to get there. If you Do not die, you will not be able to die and start with another Stone which may cast a different Shadow (smaller or larger). As for the Environment itself. It is simply a Desert in which a few mini rumines lie, a few cacti are distributed and just the said rocks that you can't reach, except you are Lucky and immediately run in the right Direction and even then it becomes scarce. The Main Menu: There is no. You'll land in the Game right away. Options: Volume cannot be Regulated at all. You can move the Controls, but it doesn't do anything. (And yes I clicked on applying:P) Graphic: Can you change makes no real difference for me or I haven't seen one. Keyboard Assignment: This Option is not available in the first place. Now to the last Point. The Inventory: You have a full 5 Seats free, which are occupied immediately at the beginning as soon as you take the 2 Bottles of Water, The 2 Cans of Food and daen Alcohol. The use of the Inventory: Classically, you use the "I" button, however, cannot continue running. If you go with the Mouse on an object in your inventor, your View Moves with (if you do right click once you have opened the Inventory, you can move the Mouse at will without changing your Vision) To use an Object you have to double-click on it n and then select the action you want to perform (drink, drop off or cancel). Just Cost way too much Time that you just don't have. The Game just FINISHED NULL probably didn't even start right. I don't know how many People work on this "game" but in 2 Years only to bring Status, run, jump and crouchen is more than weak. My Recommendation definitely doesn't buy you and maybe in 10-20 Years. With a bit of Luck, you have a somewhat useful Game. Achso Something Else: There is no Co-op or Multiplayer Mode:P In the Sense was that and Wishes you still have a lot of fun