Deadly Escape reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A little short Survival horror Game. But Also Costs only €2. Depending on how stupid you get.;) It took me about 2 Hours for the two Missions. So Die a few times and had to Restart. There are no Checkpoints. So You only have one Life. When you die, you start from The Front. Maybe Not for everyone. I liked it well. Getting Lost on Games from my Childhood, where it was normal to start again and again from The Front until you could memorize it. Difficulty Normal to job Attention I would say Hard. The Pixel Look is beautiful Retro heavy and exactly my Thing. A wide DLC is planned. There you can see 6 Missions. Whether this one will really have so many I don't know. That would magnify the Game enormously, though. Since Pictures say more than a Thousand Words, here is my Let's Play to the Game:
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Deadly escape is a game in the great series of games that I would call "test" (clearly it was done by a very small group with very few means and probably in even less time than it takes to write it), but this makes it very interesting. Where big wallet games push a story in its ultimate cut to increase the life of the game, deadly escape lets it run quietly in its own way. Yes these are 2D graphics pixelated as much as possible, yes the shotgun when walking looks pretty vaguely to a cock by its location and the shape it takes (surely was it wanted, if not... Bah at least its funny when you realize it), yes the story seems as interesting, new and ambitious as a pair of white socks, but here is the atmosphere is present and although the game is very easy, the music makes the game stressful at beginning, at least taking. The game finally holds very little, you are what seems to be the last survivor of a group armed (surely the security of the building) trapped in a probably top secret laboratory in which we tested a virus that transforms people into zombies (all green ) its important to report it. The goal is very simple you have to get out alive, but I personally noticed a very problematic bug, when I kill the final boss a scene launches, but the game bug and I can not see it which is pretty annoying especially that it is continual (I redone the I u four times by uninstalling it and reinstalling it between each part and the bug continues) perhaps there should be something dear developers. The game is very short, I do it four times in less than two hours Don the price is quite high for the life span especially that it is clearly not replayable to infinity because nothing changes between each part. The objects to be recovered will be in the same place each time as well as the enemies and the cartridges, but the atmosphere catches up from my point of view completely its little problems. Thank you for reading me and good day.