Deathloop reviews

The gameplay loop is great. This game isn't hard, it doesn't want you to stick to low chaos to get a good ending, you can kill and have fun all you want. It's just so fun to mess around in this sandbox of 'slate' powers, great arsenal, and rewarding level design. The amount of content DeathLoop has is just enough to finish it without frustration and boredom. You are allowed to do anything you want, and you better beliebe you will do it.

What came as a surprise to me is game's plot. I feel like a lot of what DeathLoop tried to achieve went over the heads of modern players. It went over my head too when I first completed the game. But the story is not conveyed as we are used today - through excessive dialogs and exposition. DeathLoop gives you just enough of its story to help you understand what is going on. But if you want to know more you have to dig deeper. You have to explore and find clues and tidbits of info about characters and the world. If you like exploring games stories you might find this even more rewarding then discovering a new gun or gear.

I loved the idea of not pointing the player torwards the next additional crucial detail about the story with bright marker so refreshing. The main game - sure, go right ahead, here is the marker for your objective. But not for the finest details. Made me remember all those times where I had to keep a piece of paper with pointers for games. 
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
Snooze Loop
«Reviewers bribed»
Great game, an absolute blast. It holds your hand with what to do but the game would have overstayed its welcome without it.

Date Completed: 2021-01-25
Playtime: 21h
Enjoyment: 9/10
Recommendation: Definitely
Its an arkane game. If you enjoyed your time with Dishonored or Prey, you will definitely enoy Deathloop. Save your time if you didn't.
It is not the best work from the team (Prey) but it is really good. Like, really, you should be playing it right now.
Exceptional if short
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»