Deep Sky Derelicts reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Hi people game that looked nice.. in the genus darkest Dungeon; turn-by-turn into a futuristic world and upgradeable experience... Drawings and not animations; Nevertheless why not a relaxed atmosphere. Alas..; from the outset; the grip is awkward.. the first page being that of your crew, and actually say apart from a versatility of the classes.. We venture to the choices... Then begins the adventure and there.. without heaves of lamentable buggs: from the 2nd fight, on 2 enemy; the survivor of my attacks starts to reinforce himself constantly in shield: slaming the shields 50 all the towers when I on a lap at best maps I make 9x3 of damage see with criticism (which at the beginning of the game is rare , normal) a little more.. and then vlam, BAM Hu.. the VLA that gives you the grenades that also puts you in need to boost your shields: basically, you need a huge number of important to finally see its shields to zeros and while you believe the ordeal finished.. come the lack of energy, which will prevent you from optimisationd sboost essential to defeat the 50 of regene shield.. worse, he slams his boost and come to reach his Max shield and there.. This is the bugg.. impossible to get down the slightest shield point.. Not only is it 1 to 3; but in addition it becomes immortal! What a beautiful crap.... So I start the game again... hoping to kill him first... And poof, I fall on a group (always on mission 1: who also gets to make the Super regene shield.... So, (stories based alas on real events, as in movies *); I think.. not only the gameplay is not so JoJo: 3 maximum team mates in combat (this is the limit limit), but in addition we have a gameplay that is not balanced... Of course some will say that I exaggerates.. and once a patch or readjustment came out; the thing will turn short: Nevertheless, I want to warn that simplicity is really at the rendezvous: small team, small inventory.; options to the minimum.. even the backup system is "shit".. and as we say in the METIER: a small backup.. little Kiki! Oops, sorry it's not that.. I redone it is my super shield bugg... always to too optimize my joy of living: so: small backup = small ambition of gameplay... Because if the game really had to be long/they would certainly offer the opportunity to redo chapters... short, without wanting to test and show that I am wrong/the adventure lived quoted in the first part and the few options/teammate having totally cooled me.. I allow myself to let go the affair... to bypass the Protocol of Super shield to the gene of phew and kill the egg before lalasitude of fights monotome and really too long for choices of cards, repetitives and not so well explained or set in scene.. in the background or form... I prefer to play the "solo" and in this futuristic space game fuck these concepts childish limit and zréros of choice to the dumpster... You find me hard...? Should be a futuristic machine to settle for so little.. because of buggs with simplistic gameplay.. I certainly believe that I have the wrong dimension... the youngsters mine of the 20 Emme century still held a little more choice.. very limited inventory and team exceeding 3 players in combat... to make it a real game... I have so much more work because I like the impression that lacks at least half, in team and optionof any kind... inventory, objects, and even variety of team from the beginning... I pass and you? go good courage.. you have succeeds to me to play 5 minutes and make me pay full pot.. you will come well, one day to get your fingers out of the butt.. Oops sorry.. the fingers of the keyboard with 2 keys.. Thank you!