Defend Your Life: TD reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Defend Your Life: TD is a Towerdefense/casual game. The Focus in individual Levels is on the Defense Of the human Body. One slips, in a way, into the Role of the body's own Defenses. In the individually to play levels, you can build Defensive Towers of various Kinds on predetermined Points. Once this has been done, the virus bacteria and other Schmodder Start on one Side and try to reach the other end in as many Numbers as possible. In order to prevent this from happening, it is possible to upgrade your Defensive Towers and later use various "Super Skills." There's not much more to do. Making the Game: All Graphics are held in a Cartoon Style, which could have been Humorous, sweet or at least sympathetic. Here, unfortunately, there is none of this. Apart from individual Levels, everything seems rather loveless. It is Similar with the Animations of the Towers and bacterial/Viren/pathogens. This is just poorly done and has already been better implemented in free flash browser games. The Sound is okay, adapting to the Rest and its most positive Feature is that it doesn't stand out negatively. The Controls are simple and self-explanatory. With the Mouse, you place the respective Towers at the specified Construction Points, trigger Skills and upgrade Towers. As Far as unproblematic. There is nothing more to report. Game Experience: You defend the Body against poorly drawn and animated Pathogens. The Possibilities are quickly exhausted and very limited. At some Point all the Construction Sites are occupied and all The upgrades on the Towers are completed, then it says only: Hope that the Defences are sufficient. Between the individual Levels, new Things are explained again and again and Ability Improvements are offered. It could have been Interesting to note that there is specific Information on the individual Pathogens presented in Text Boxes. Unfortunately, however, this Information is only short loveless texts, which do not add Value or Increase In knowledge and are therefore somewhat superfluous. My Verdict: It doesn't take much overall for a varied and exciting Tower-safety game. Graphics and Sound Are not so much decisive as construction "Maze" and UV possibilities as well as a good Balance, various Successful Formulas to conquer demanding and heavy Levels, etc. Unfortunately, This is offered by Defend Your Life: TD far too little. And since neither the Graphics nor the Sound stand out incredibly positively, which would have been effective for the Eye after all, I can't recommend this Game. Defend Your Life may work as a Casual Game in between for a few Minutes, but fails to ensnare one of tower Defences. Graphics and Sound are at a very low Level. Fun Solala. Variety marginal. You can try it out, but in my Opinion it's not captivating and offers hardly any Arguments to be played more often.