Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
+ Grill the Henssler the Game only without the Henssler and with more Tits than Ruth Moschner!! + Anyone who stands on the Girls from Senran Kagura Will definitely enjoy this Game! In this Part, however, the well-equipped Shinobi compete their Battles differently than usual in the Form of Cook Offs á la Grill den Henssler. The ingenious ecchi humour of the Series is also widely present in this Spin-Off and one should literally prepare to be served the pretty Shinobi Schoolgirls on the Silver Platter. As always, the Art style and Voice-acting are set at the highest Level in the series! What you have to say: It's old only a small Spin-Off game to The Senran Kagura Series (originally released on the PS Vita) in the Form of a Rhythm game! Means: Funny Dialogues and (not to be taken seriously) Mini Stories, press Buttons in the right Order and then pull in the reward after successful Completion (Fan service is guaranteed as always at Senran Kagura!) The Songs are okay to very good! The Difficulty is therefore not entirely without and already the Leap from ' Easy ' to ' Normal ' makes enormous difference. (Even the Battle against Character Rin is already much heavier than the Rest on ' Easy '). You should also play the Game with a Controller because the Gameplay is clearly designed to do so. Playing This Game with the Keyboard can, in my Opinion, be completely buckled! In Short: If you stand on Ecchi Anime Humor, you will definitely be well served here. Less Gameplay than in the Main Series but great for Guys like me Those of Kasturagi, Homora, Hibari, Asuka, Ryona and co. Can't get enough!