Destiny 2: Beyond Light reviews

Beyond Light isn't anything special. The campaign is fairly mediocre but it is at least better than Shadowkeep. The community reception of this expansion's raid is fairly positive but a bit on the easy side. Exotics are decent and the legendary gear isn't bad per say but not great either bar a few exceptions from the raid. Now for the main selling point, the stasis subclass is a must have. It is no longer blatantly overpowered but it still very strong and very fun to use.
Honestly, with "Beyond Light" Bungie has proven that I'm no longer their target audience. Beyond Light took 4 planets out - 3 of them I greatly enjoyed. Along with it, they took a lot of missions, quests and strikes. They took away the campaigns, ones that I really liked.

Instead, they introduced a new planet, Europa, which I find quite boring. The new campaign won't be something I wish to replay. Sunsetting stuff for me is now a game mechanic that makes it pointless to grind for anything - why should I spend half a year trying to get a new weapon, if a year from now it will be useless? 

Finally, after playing Destiny for many years, without seeing any improvements when it comes to story (but there's a lot of problems, like forcing me to use Darkness powers is destroying the narrative of my light-driven character), I no longer see the point of spending hours after hours, trying to increase my power level only to remember than in February, this level will be outdated and I will have to start grading all over again, all of this while knowing that all my efforts are in vain.

After all these years, Destiny is no longer fun. Sure, for many players Beyond Light offers a lot of good changes. That's OK, if you enjoy the game, that's awesome! 

Me, well, I'm no longer the target. And right now, I think I'm done with the game.